Putting the pedal to the metal

silver signature bernie ecclestone

Welcome back to the Creative Awards London blog bringing you the very best in bespoke awards and design. In today's entry we talk cars in this custom commission for one of the world's most exclusive and luxurious brands, Mclaren.

The very name has inspired generations of people across the globe, be it young children playing with their race cars with hopes of one day becoming the next Nigel Mansell, or ardent fans following the ups and downs of their favourite team. Mclaren has transcended the world of racing to become synonymous with the very best in engineering and design. 

Whether it is the Mclaren-Honda formula one race team or the iconic Mclaren F1 (estimated to be worth over £10 million on today's market) this legendary brand has captured the imagination of the world. Creative Awards London were immensely proud to work with this iconic company to assist in creating something truly unique and one of a kind.

Ecclestone book image This special edition, "The Bernie" features a highly engineered, carbon fibre clam shell to house the book. Meanwhile, other editions, silk clad of course, will set you back a mere £2,000. What costs £1 million, weighs 35kg, has 850 pages, over 1000 photos and contains the signatures of 22 Formula champions? If you managed to guess this we truly applaud you. Known as the "The Bernie" this exquisite piece of formula one history, a compendium of the sport, was produced in conjunction with Mclaren Racing and the publishing house Opus Media Group. Taking over two years in the making, The Official F1 Opus is truly a work of art. Aside from the contents themselves, deeply desirable by anyone's standard, the Bernie is a hallmark within the concepts of publishing. 

Hand crafted from sterling silver, the signature was moulded and crafted over the course of a week. Using a template of Bernie's signature, our silversmith worked lovingly to transfer the work from concept into a fully fledged silver signature. Creative Awards London were approached by the publishers to create a stand out signature of the renowned formula empresario Bernie Ecclestone that would be mounted onto the cover of the clam shell carbon fibre cover. With over 40 year's experience within custom design and many of our engineers coming from a jewellery background we set to work immediately to create a luxurious one of a kind piece that would crown the cover.

The result. A truly one of a kind piece that will go down in the annals of the sport and the world of publishing itself.

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