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The wonders of acrylic and Perspex

The wonders of acrylic and Perspex

One of our most popular, if not the most popular, materials that we use is acrylic, or to use its brand name, Perspex. How exactly can this simple material be transformed into a vast array of exceptional, bespoke awards?

Firstly, the versatility that acrylic affords allows for a limitless variety of shapes, sizes and colours to be cut. Shatter proof and durable, acrylic offers a lightweight, high-quality alternative to glass. The ease of working means that custom made awards can be designed and created with a very quick turnaround.

Secondly, the material lends itself very well to beautiful colour combinations and contrasts. Whether a client wants an abstract representation of their logo or brand or to immortalise them, acrylic allows for custom designed shapes and logos to be easily created.

Physical objects, logos and printed graphics can be set into the body of acrylic allowing for interesting and thought-provoking design that captures the imagination of the recipient as well as the audience.

Finally, acrylic Perspex works incredibly well with other mixed media. The contrast in tones and textures with metal, wood and other materials, allows for a truly staggering range of combinations. In particular, wood works very well for the base and the dark, organic tones contrast wonderfully with the precision cut, sharp edges of the main body of the award.

Because acrylic is reasonably chemically inert, it can be printed, cast, lasered, polished and many more machining processes.

In one of our most recent commissions, we drew inspiration from the logo of the company to create an award that celebrates both the individual and the company. The precision engineered lines, sharp, clean and soft, contrast in texture and tone with the engraving set masterfully within.

Upright bespoke acrylic award complete Upright bespoke acrylic award angle Upright bespoke acrylic award front

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