Wood Laser Engraving May 30, 2019 14:35

Welcome back to the Creative Awards blog where we showcase the very best in our bespoke awards and trophies. In today's blog post we are proud to showcase one of the recent additions to our design and award making portfolio: our laser engraved wooden awards. Part of our continual drive to offer a fine selection of design ideas for our clients, our laser engraving machine has been put to work producing beautiful bespoke laser engraved wooden awards.

After a long period of refinement, our teams are now delighted to offer this option to our clients who are looking for something different. Available on any type of wood, the laser engraving machine produces accurate, repeatable and scalable designs that are eye-catching and intricate. Due to the varying properties of different types of wood and their reaction to the heat of the laser, we are able to create wonderful burnt designs of contrasting shades and textures. By controlling the depth of the marking, the power and the speed of the laser our teams can add that wow factor to a wood award. 

Using the very best FSC-approved wood from sustainable sources, our in house design team create impactful designs that showcase the brand and message of your business. Whatsmore, should you have an existing design or idea in mind our team can help to realise it. 

Two of the most recent awards that we have produced with our laser engraving machine are the Burnt Wooden Plaque and the Lasered Maple Award. 

Burnt Wooden Plaque 

laser engraved wood service LondonThe Burnt Wooden Plaque showcases the versatility of laser wood engraving and, by carefully adjusting the settings, we were able to create a contrast of tones and colours. The grain of the maple offers a counter point to the warmth of the burnt marks and geometric patterns effortlessly play with the rounded logo of the brand.

HGPA Lasered Maple Award

laser engraved wood award Celebrating its 40th anniversary, the Historic Grand Prix Cars Association's Global Grand Prix's annual events sees owners of classic racing cars compete in a global touring tournament across some of the world's most famous raceways. The custom made wooden award features high-quality, FSC-approved, lasered maple with details of the race meets and bespoke designed graphics.

For more information on any of the awards featured, contact our team via sales@creativeawards.co.uk or on 0207 242 4020.