Facts about the World Cup Trophy June 14, 2018 14:46

Welcome back to the Creative Awards blog where we showcase the finest awards and trophies to grace the ceremonies and podiums of the biggest events in the world. Today, June the 14th, is a very special day. Indeed, a day that brings the whole world together to rejoice in that game of two halves. After much controversy, the FIFA World Cup is going ahead and the tournament kicks off today in Russia with the powerhouse match up of Saudi Arabia vs the host nation. Who will win? That’s anybody's guess, surely not human rights however.

Anyways, we are looking forward to a veritable feast of football over the next month regardless of whether England do well or not. To celebrate the start of the World Cup we’ve put together quick fire facts about this amazing trophy that you can use to dazzle your mates down the pub or bore you’re other half to death.

Jules Rimet TrophyThe World Cup trophy is one of the most iconic designs in the world. Representing the very pinnacle of the sport, the hopes and dreams nations are etched into its very being. The design is actually the second incarnation of the the trophy and was made in 1974, the original Jules Rimet trophy being lost - which kind of sums up England’s recent showings too- designed by the Italian company Stabilimento Artistico Berton the trophy shows two human figures lifting up the Earth.

FIFA World Cup trophyThe World Cup trophy weighs in at around 6.1 kilos and measures some 36.5 centimetres tall. Made from 18 karat yellow gold, it is thought the actual trophy is hollow as given its size it would weigh over 80 kilos. The base is made from layered malachite that is interspersed with the words FIFA WORLD CUP. Due to the a lack of space, the winners names are engraved on a gold plate that is fitted to the underside of the trophy.

brazil lifting the world cupEight national teams have won the World Cup which, given that 20 tournaments have taken place, shows just how hard it is to win. The samba boys of Brazil have lifted the prestigious trophy the most clocking up 5 wins followed by the steely cold Germans,and passionate, diving italians with four, Argentina and Uruguay twice and England, France and Spain winning it once.

What’s the trophy worth? I mean, is it possible to even put a worth on such an item? Of course it is. If we take the current price of gold at around 33 dollars per gram and the weight of the trophy being 6.1 kilos i is valued at over 20 million dollars.

Russia 2018This year’s FIFA World Cup sees 32 teams in action of the four weeks of the tournament. Who will be the victor? History doesn’t lie and it would be hard to rule out Brazil as the winners. However, a resurgent England team full of young players have impressed in qualifying and could do well. Regardless of who wins we are looking forward to it.

A Slice of Saturday Night June 8, 2018 11:56

Welcome back to the Creative Awards blog where we bring you the very best in our bespoke trophies expertly designed and made from our London workshop. Now, as you may well know, our awards have graced the ceremonies of some of the biggest events and stages in the world. In one particular corner of our bulging awards cabinet are a certain range of awards that we have made for the nation’s favourite TV shows. In fact, pry a little further and you will see that a certain section is dedicated to gameshows. That’s right, those Saturday evening family friendly shows, or not in one particular case, are something that we simply love to both watch and work on. Pitting members of the public or celebs in various challenges, game shows are the backbone of weekend TV. To celebrate these awesome awards, we showcase our top TV and game show awards

Generation Game

Generation Game AwardGood old Brucey and this legendary TV show. Part of the cultural makeup of British culture, famous lines associated with the guessing of electrical items have became a staple part of our lexicon. ‘It's a TV.... A washing machine.... It's a cuddly toy’. Many of us have grown up with good old Brucey and The Generation Game. Back with a bang in 2018 and presented by Mel and Sue, Creative Awards were asked to create the award for the new series. Custom lettering captures the brand and places the family favourite at the heart of the award’s identity. What would you prefer to win? A washing machine or this award? We certainly know what we prefer.

Through the Keyhole

through the keyhole awardMr. Lemon, Keith to his friends presumably. Could you guess who the celebrity is from random items in their house? An old sock, a photo frame an unwashed cup? If the answer to any of these questions is yes from you then well done, we guess. One of our most bling awards the Through the Keyhole Award is a resplendent gold lock glittering in hand set crystals. This fabulously fun awards captures the excitement and playfulness of the show.

You’re back in the room award for ITV

Back in the room awardOur friends over at ITV approached us to create a special commission. You’re Back in the Room is a minimalist award that is eye catching and to the point. Bright colours and hi res graphics are set, using top secret techniques, into the optically clear acrylic body. One that looks good equally on the mantelpiece or on an awards stage, the custom acrylic award is a colourful and on brand piece.

British Soap Awards

british soap awardsCan you hear the iconic chime of Eastenders? Perhaps a wailing Pat Butcher? The British Soap Awards is a delightful award that has been held aloft by the stars of the silver screen. Soaps, their name coming from the washing powder adverts that used to run in between, are viewed by an estimated 20 million people a week in the UK making them one of the UK’s most popular TV genres. To celebrate our love of soaps, a  silver plated truncated profile of tube with a hand blown 'Soap' bubble engraved with the event logo and winner's details.

Coronation Street Award

Corrie AwardOh Corrie! The fables of our Northern Brethren and their (mis)adventures. Running for over 50 years, Coronation Street is one of the nation’s favourites. To celebrate the achievements of reaching the 50 year milestone Creative Awards were tasked with designing an award that would be given to the cast and production crew. A simple, clear acrylic disc was revamped in our inimitable style with the images of the famous terraced houses of the street added. The choice of deep orange sunset adding a rich warming feel to this celebratory award.

For more information on any of our awards and to speak to our design team. Contact us on and  020 7242 4020.

A Flowery Week May 23, 2018 16:23

Welcome back to the Creative Awards blog where we bring you the very best bespoke awards and trophies custom made by our teams. As spring melts into Summer we turn our attention to one of the most celebrated events in the horticulturalists calendar; the RHS Chelsea Flower Show. For over 100 years the show has dazzled and delighted designers, gardening enthusiasts and the general public with its magnificent designs and landscaping. With an expected 160,000 visitors over the 5 day event we choose our top 5 floral themed awards. 

Acrylic Flower Award

Flower awardWe kick start our festival of flowers with this acrylic award for one of the World's most important bio-pharmaceutical companies. We can't go into too much detail about what they do but we can say how proud we are of this award. A simple design, the award captures the branding of the business through the use of the company colours and logos. The internationally leading business is celebrated with the use of various languages within the text on the body of the award. 

Archaeological Acrylic Award

trowel awardWe are a green tipped bunch down here at Creative Awards and we know that a good gardener always praises his tools. We reinvent what an award means with this bespoke commission for an archaeological society. Now, we know that gardeners don't use trowel but still, it's used to rummage around in the dirt. The body of the custom trophy is made from a sterling silver trowel that was set within the optically clear acrylic block. What makes this award so special is that the internal refraction of the light change as the the award is moved around creating a unique effect. 

Super Garden Acrylic Award

Garden AwardThe Chelsea Flower show is the pinnacle in the gardener's calendar. Many super designs and super gardens are show and what better way to celebrate than with the Super Garden Acrylic Award. The stunning Super Garden Award was commissioned for an Irish TV show. The two tone film is set into a custom thick block of acrylic to create a powerful and eye-catching design (green being the colour palette of course) This impressive acrylic award can stand either horizontally or vertically making it extra special. 

Sunburst Award

Sunburst AwardWe all know one of the secrets to majestic plants and great gardens: sun. This custom designed Sunburst Award is a nod towards our Hatton Garden heritage. Commissioned to celebrate the service of an outstanding employee the Sunburst Award features a custom flaming body and single curved dome creating a sunburst profile. The perfect touch is added by the 22k gold finish. 

Green Aluminium Column

Green column awardGreen the colour of the pleasant hills of England and the majestic palette of Spring. The custom Green Aluminium Column award was commissioned by a renowned gardening company and is made from \aircraft grade aluminium. Dyed using top secret techniques, the logo and the detailing was created by removing the paint to reveal the cool raw aluminium underneath.

For more information about any of our trophies or to speak to one of our experts contact our teams via 0207 242 4020 or via

Awards fit for Royalty May 16, 2018 11:38

Welcome back to the Creative Awards blog where we bring you the very latest in our custom made awards, designs and more. In today’s entry we doth our caps, stand straight and look forward to a weekend of monarchical celebration with the Royal Wedding. As such, we have chosen five awards fit for royalty.

This Saturday sees St George's Chapel at Windsor Castle in the spotlight as royalty, politicians and celebrities descend upon the castle to join Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in celebrating their very special day.  With a firm and fair nod towards the Royal Wedding we offer the gift of our awards to the royal couple and show off five awards that are fit for royalty and that capture a sense of Britishness.

Caribbean Blue Wave Block

Blue wave award by Creative AwardsWe kick start our homage to the young couple with one of our latest bespoke acrylic perspex awards the Caribbean Blue Wave Block. Commissioned by one of the world’s most famous luxury cruise companies, the award is made from a tinted blue acrylic that changes colour when the award is moved as the light refracts within. A hand cut gold anchor/crown motif decorates the front of the award adding a royal splendour and sparkle for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. To finish the award, a special technique (MI5 top secret we add) was applied to top of the award to create wave effects.

Porcelain Teapot

Custom made teapot awardAnyone for a spot of tea? What could be more British than teatime, well it depends on who you ask but we think that it is one of the most British of drinks at least. We toast the royals with this handmade porcelain teapot award. The quintessentially British award, features the royal coat of arms in a lush, gold colour and is engraved with the words of Sting’s very British song ‘Englishman in New York’.

Blind Veterans UK Award

Blind Vets award by Creative AwardsWe fly the flag for Queen and country with our special commission for one of the U.K’s leading charities. Commissioned by the charity Blind Veterans UK, the custom designed acrylic plaque is made from profiled multicoloured acrylic layers. We capture the charity’s colour scheme and the nation’s flag for this very worthwhile work. The bespoke acrylic plaque was entirely hand assembled and finished in house to create this magnificent and impressive design. What makes this award particularly special is that the back features a textured finish for the visually impaired recipients to feel.

City of London Award

city of London Award by Creative AwardsHow could we compile a royal list without mentioning the crown jewels in country? London! London has a special place in our hearts as not only are we based in the centre of the city but many of our staff were born and raised in the nation’s capital. We capture over 700 years of history in this bespoke metal award for the City of London Corporation by using the image of the legendary gryphon that is a symbol of the famed city.

Regent Street

RIBA award regent streetWe look back to Harry’s ancestor’s with this special commission for  the RIBA Regent Street Windows Project. The award pairs exceptional RIBA architects with flagship retailers in one of the World's most famous shopping districts to create engaging architectural installations in their shop windows.

Without further ado, we would like to wish the young couple a very enjoyable day and the best of luck in their new lives together. For more information on any of our awards contact our teams today via or 0207 242 4020.

Our All Star Cast May 11, 2018 12:10

Welcome back to the Creative Awards blog where we showcase the very best bespoke awards and trophies in the business. Our custom made awards have graced the biggest events and ceremonies over the past four decades and we are proud to continuously push the boundaries to create thought provoking and original awards.In today's blog post we look at our recent Resin Albatross Sculpture awards and showcase some of our most popular resin awards.

Creative Awards were recently commissioned by a private golf event to create a one off, unique award that would be treasured by the recipients. Now, golf isn't a game we know too well down in the workshop but that didn't stop our imaginative minds having a field day coming up with an eye catching design. 

When you think of golf what do you think of? Men whacking balls into holes with large sticks? The gentle sound of a fantastic approach shot landing on the green? The strange words used to describe being under or over par? In fact, we think of all of these ideas and more. we expanded on the traditional scoring in the sport to design the trophy. 

  • Bogey - Going one over par, not the catchiest of names.
  • Par - Scoring even on the course. A fine achievement but we wanted something a bit more special.
  • Birdie - Now we're talking. The score for getting 1 under par.
  • Eagle - A majestic bird but not quite impressive enough. 2 under par.
  • Albatross - We could be on to something here. An incredible 3 under par.
  • Condor - 4 under par. To put this into perspective, this would be scoring a hole in one on a par 5 course. Incredibly, this score has only been recorded 4 times since 2008 and never in a professional tournament.


    Resin Sculpture AwardWe decided to choose the albatross, a majestic bird that is the stuff of legends. Indeed, not only is it in golf where this bird makes an appearance. Immortalised by Samuel Taylor Coleridge in the Rime of the Ancient Mariner and, of course, in the epic metal track by Iron Maiden. According to sailing lore, if an albatross follows a ship it is a good omen. We've never had an albatross follow our ship but we sure know how to make one.

    To start we created a hand crafted  clay master model that allowed us to create a natural model that would be used to create the resin award. High density resin was poured into the mould filling each space to leave a highly detailed and organic looking finish. To add a luxurious feel gold paint was used that was specifically chosen to coat the resin but allow the details to not be obscured by the coat of paint. To finish, our Resin Albatross Sculpture was rested on a hand cut wooden base complete with personalised engraving plate. 

    Our cast resin awards have proved to be one of our most popular materials. We've chosen two of our favourite resin awards to showcase in our blog for you.

    Teenage Cancer Trust Award

    TCT Award by CADesigned by Jamie Hewlett and made by Creative Awards, this trophy captures the essence of Jamie's unique and talented style. Whats more, the trophy was commissioned by the Teenage Cancer Trust and is awarded to the artists who help to raise money by raising the roof at the Royal Albert Hall through their annual fundraising concerts.

     The NME Awards

    NME Awards resin by Creative AwardsCompleting our trifecta of resin awards we choose the NME Award. The original anti-award that has become as iconic as the stars who receive it. Cast from the hand of a mysterious man named Doug, the resin captures the details and nooks and crannies of Doug's proudly raised middle finger.

    For more information about any of our awards and to receive a free quotation, contact our teams via. 


    The Ace Up Our Sleeve May 3, 2018 17:16

    Welcome back to the Creative Awards blog where we bring you the very best in bespoke awards and trophies as well as our cutting edge crystal glass awards. In today's blog we shine the Creative Awards spotlight on one of our latest projects, the Video Aces award.

    Now, what is the biggest search engine in the world? Google you may shout, impatiently, at your screen. And the second? Bing? Yahoo? No, not quite. Youtube is the second biggest search engine in the world. From humble beginnings (the first video uploaded was an elephant in a zoo) Youtube now dominates the video hosting market. The stats around Youtube are simply mind boggling:

    • It is estimated that on avery 1,300,000 people use Youtube every day
    • 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute!
    • Almost 5 billion videos are watched on Youtube every single day.
    • The total number of hours of video watched on YouTube each month – 3.25 billion
    • In an average month, 8 out of 10 18-49 year-olds watch YouTube

    This media juggernaut shows no sign of slowing down and has resulted in a cultural shift in how video is consumed across the planet. The big players in Youtube, those who create the content and attract the viewers, can earn up to $17 million dollars a year and certainly are on their way to cementing their way to stardom. 

    However, coming in as a huge competitor to Youtube is the mighty Facebook who also have video sharing capabilities. In fact, we think that you would be hard press to find someone who hasn't watched a video on Facebok. We all know what it's like memes, food pictures, updates from people you don't really know and videos. so big is Facebook's impact on video streaming that it is potentially poised to overtake Youtube. Indeed, Facebook's daily video views are over 8 billion and rising steadily.

    Acrylic Aluminium AwardHow does this link to our Video Aces awards? Well, these special bespoke trophies were commissioned to reward and celebrate the achievements of companies and their view count across the various video platforms.

    Creative Awards were tasked with designing and manufacturing the custom award that would be sent out to the biggest video content producers across the world. The team opted for a classic design, the name of the award at the centre. Custom cut pink cast acrylic was used to create an eye catching body.

    Video Aces Side ShotResting on a brushed, gold aluminium base that was engraved with the recipient's details the award is certainly something special. The sleek, slender and sexy design captures the playfulness and creativity of those responsible for the videos that excite, inspire and capture the imagination of people across the globe.

    Who are the winners? Check out the table below of the companies with the biggest views across the internet. 

    For more information on our awards or to request a complimentary quote (or even share your favourite cat video), contact our teams via 0207 242 4020 and 



    It's clear as crystal April 27, 2018 17:18

    Welcome back to the Creative Awards blog where we showcase the very best in our custom awards and trophies. In today's blog entry we are rather excited to announce our newest range of crystal glass awards and trophies.

    As the oldest established award maker in the U.K we know a thing or two about making awards. Our designs have graced the stage at the biggest events in the world and have been held by some of the planet's biggest names in music, TV, film, business and more. Increasingly we understand that not all of our clients want a bespoke award or trophy and instead turn to crystal glass awards to honour and reward those within their business or industry. 

    Crystal glass award Crystal glass awards and trophies have been at the heart of what we do and we are excited to announce that we have expanded our collection to include more designs, a greater variety of sizings and new finishes. By offering crystal glass awards and trophies we can continue to provide a great service to our clients and offer an even wider selection of options to fit every need and requirement. 

    Stock glass awardStock glass awards no longer need to be dull and we have secured some of the finest designs for all tastes with our latest products. Each individual crystal trophy can be personalised to capture the brand or ceremony they represent and, of course, can be given that magic touch through expert engraving of names, logos and other important details. 

    Glass plaqueWe fully believe that stock glass indeed can rock and our latest offerings prove this. Whether it is an abstract shape, a column, stars, frosted glass or more, our glass crystal designs are made from the highest quality, optically clear glass. What's more, the range of options that we provide means that you can find the perfect award for your event.

    glass awardWe take an ordinary crystal glass award and turn it into something special through our hand engraving process that turns a stock award into a personalised object that is to be treasured. Each individual award can be supplied in a fetching presentation box that adds that extra touch of glitz and ceremony. Our experience means that we have a quick turn over time and can supply high quality trophies for those last minute, or not so last minute, events.

    For more information on our range of crystal glass awards and trophies or to discuss your ideas for an award (or a quick chat even) contact our teams via 0207 240 4020 or via


    Clerkenwell Design Week 2018 April 25, 2018 15:49

    Welcome back to the Creative Awards blog where we bring you the very best in our bespoke awards and trophies. With less than a month to go until the Clerkenwell Design Week 2018 we look at some of our favourite awards where we take a step back, pat ourselves humbly on the backs and say, 'Now, isn't that a great design.'

    Clerkenwell Design week runs from the 22 - 24 of May and takes place just down the road from our Hatton Garden workshop. EC1 will be a buzz with creative types as the design festival brings together industry movers and shakers and celebrates the very best in independent design, Across the three days various installations will line the streets, a series of discussions and debates will take place as well as workshops with world-class speakers and panellists.

    Clerkenwell Design Week is a feast of interesting things to see and do. Our teams are looking forward to taking part in this great event with like minded people. So, with design being an integral part of what we do we showcase some of our best designed awards as chosen by our team as a homage to the principals of great design and this exciting week.

    Wood Fusion

    Wood Fusion AwardRepresenting two years of R&D the Wood fusion is as much a triumph of design as engineering. Using top secret techniques, Creative Awards were able to create an award with FSC approved wood inside a cast acrylic column. What we love about the design is that each award is totally unique. The natural tones, shapes and textures of each piece of wood used are different creating one of a kind pieces. The warm rich mahogany of the wood is offset but the industrial, raw feel of the acrylic creating an award that balances organic forms with clean lines of modern production. 

    Bisley Acrylic Filing Cabinet

    Bisley CabinetWe bend the rules as to what an award or trophy can be with the Bisley Acrylic Filing Cabinet. Commissioned by the world famous office suppliers brand, the award was produced over the course of two months by hand. Taking inspiration from the Bisley filing cabinets, each piece of the filing cabinet was cut and polished by hand. Made entirely from optically clear acrylic, the custom commission includes designated drawers, original label holders and the Bisley logo. 

    NME Awards

    NME AwardsThe original anti-award was created by ourselves and has since became on of the most recognisable awards within the music industry. Legend has it that that the award was cast from the hand of a mysterious chap named Doug and standing at just under a foot high, the award is crowned with a golden bracelet where the winner’s names are engraved. Representing the controversy and and anti-establishment nature nature of rock and roll this design has become as recognisable as the artists themselves. We give a salute, albeit that of a middle finger variety, to those making waves in the music industry. 

    British Arrows

    British Arrows The most coveted design awards on the planet capture what beautiful simplicity in design can mean. comprised of three main concepts, the British Arrows are the go to award within their industry celebrating and rewarding the absolute best in the British advertising industry and represent creativity, design and craft. The three key areas of the award are:

    The Arrow: The brand identity of the organisation

    The clear acrylic block: Clarity of thought and design

    The colour gold: the classic colour of winners

    Copper Stag Award

    Copper StagCommissioned by a world famous Scottish Whiskey company, the Copper Stag Award represents the perfection of each element and material harmoniously working and fitting together. Drawing  centuries of heritage, we took inspiration from both the iconic company logo and the industry itself. A precision cut copper stag, used within the distillation process, sits proudly upon hand cut sherry barrels, used to age the whiskey, imparting a delicate, sweet alcohol aroma. This modern custom trophy uses two distinct materials that contrast and compliment each other. The copper, warm, bright with sharp lines, contrasts against the organic, rounded forms of the oak.

    For more information about our bespoke trophies and awards, contact our friendly teams via 0207 240 4020 or drop us on email


    Spring Inspired Awards April 18, 2018 16:54

    Welcome back to the Creative Awards blog where we showcase the very best in bespoke awards and trophies and design. As we overthrow the shackle of winter we excitedly move towards Spring and explore 'Spring Inspired Awards'. 

    After the cold and dark winter months there is nothing better than the clear blue skies and warmth of Spring. The days gradually slip back into their long routine and everything starts to seem right with the World. To celebrate this colourful season we look at our top five Spring themed awards and trophies.

    Flower Award

    Spring Themed AwardWe kick start our Spring awards with this custom made cast acrylic award that captures the cool climate and warming colours of the season. Made from a single piece of optically clear acrylic, this custom made award heralds in the start of Spring. The soft lines of the body of the award are enhanced by the high res yellow and green coloured rear print that details the famous company, the recipient's details and event. 

    Green Aluminium Column 

    Green aluminium column awardSleek, slender and sexy the Green Aluminium Column award. One of our most popular designs of bespoke metal awards, the rounded body was electrically dyed to give an eye catching bright green colour - a perfect nod to the lush meadows and green fields of Albion in Spring. What makes this award even more special is the ornate engravings (the grass at the base, the laurel wreath on the crown and winner's details on the body) that reveal the aircraft grade aluminium underneath that contrasts wonderfully with the deep, rich green. 

    Purple and Wood Column

    Purple aluminium and wood column Bright colours are certainly something we look forward to when Spring comes around. The Purple and Wood Column is eye-catching, stylish and pretty damn cool. Made from FSC approved wood and aircraft grade aluminium, the contrast between the deep, rich wood and clean and clinical aluminium results in a spectacular design. Whats more,  we perfected a top secret technique to fuse the metal and wood together. Don't tell anyone...

    Legal and General

    Legal and General AwardNow, what would Spring be without April showers? This year has been particularly wet so we thought it important, as mum always used to say, bring an umbrella. Commissioned by the world famous insurance company Legal and General, the colourful award plays on the brand logo of this renowned institution. 

    Golden Apple Awards

    apple award by Creative AwardsAn apple a day certainly keeps the doctor away (don't hold us to this as we aren't trained medical practitioners). A design as crisp as the first bite of an apple, the Golden Apple Awards were commissioned by an industry leading health event. We embraced the latest technology and 3D printed the apple before applying a high gloss, gold metallic finish that constantly changes and reflects it's surroundings. To finish, the bespoke trophy is set upon a custom designed and engraved black base. 

    For more information on any of our custom made awards and to request a free quotation, contact our teams via 0207 242 4020 or via 

    The perfect plaque for Lexus April 9, 2018 20:20

    Welcome back to the Creative Awards blog where we showcase the very best in our bespoke awards and trophies. In today's entry we shine our spotlight on one of our recent awards that we are hugely proud of. 

    Bespoke acrylic plaque for LexusStraight out of our Hatton Garden workshop comes the Lexus Acrylic Lattice Award which, we think, is pretty damn good. Commissioned by the Japanese luxury car manufacturer this bespoke award, whilst at first glance looks impressive reveals an interesting and unique development behind it.
    When first approached by the company to design the bespoke award we felt it important to be able to convey both the importance of the award and the company together. With this in mind we set about exploring what Lexus means as a brand and what makes the stands for. 

    Our research led us to discover two (well, three) things:

    1) Lexus' history and experience assist them to create some of the world's finest luxury automobiles

    2) Their constant strives to perfect their design, production and sales processes

    3) We REALLY like their new coupe

    Lexus factory Pushing the idea of history and experience, we distilled their philosophy of perfection to their exquisite design and their production methods. Using these ideas as a base we decided to create a precision-cut acrylic lattice that features complex geometric, intricate lines, weaves and is an abstract interpretation of their industrial production line processes.

    Behind their automobiles is the teams of engineers, designers and workman who push the brand forward. The concept of the brand being led by what goes on behind the scenes inspired us to create an aircraft grade aluminium plate engraved with the famous company logo and details of the recipient. 

    The choice of colour for us was rather simple. A luxurious matte black that conveys the crisp, clean and contemporary designs of the company. 

    Creative Awards would like to thank the teams at Lexus for reaching out to ourselves to create their bespoke acrylic plaque. For more information on this plaque or any of our designs, contact our teams via  0207 2424020 or via




    A week to remember with the Teenage Cancer Trust March 19, 2018 14:37

    Welcome back to the Creative Awards' blog where we showcase the very best in bespoke awards, custom trophies and offer you an insight into our London workshop.

    Hot on the heels of another successful Empire Film Awards, we turn to one of our most favourite clients to work with: The Teenage Cancer Trust. This week (starting the19th of March) sees that a series of concerts at the Royal Albert Hall that will raise both awareness and funding for this very important cause. When we say concerts, we don't mean a medley of Mozart or a beautiful rendition of Bach, no we mean that the Albert Hall is going to be totally rocking!

    Royal Albert Hall Teenage Cancer TrustStarted in 2000 the Teenage Cancer Trust have hosted yearly concerts and gigs that bring together the biggest names in the world of music and comedy to help those young lives who are battling this horrible disease. The week doesn't look to the short term however as the money raised during the events go directly to the charity to reinvest in its many activities. 

    Since the start of the annual event an impressive £19 million has been raised through sponsorship, ticket sales, merchandise and advertising. 

    Founded in 1990, Teenage Cancer Trust's aim is to improve the lives of young people aged 13-24 who have been diagnosed with cancer. Since 1990 the charity has regularly raised huge sums of money that have gone to assist those who need it most. As well as providing specialist teenage units in NHS Hospitals, the charity also trains and funds staff who are teenage cancer specialists. The units are dedicated areas for teenage and young adult patients, who are involved in their concept and creation. Medical facilities on the units are equipped with computers, TVs and game consoles. As of 2017, the TCT has built 28 specialised units in cities such as London, Liverpool, Leeds, Sheffield, Manchester, Glasgow and many more.

    This year sees the continuation of incredible artists and comedians taking centre stage at the Royal Albert Hall. Over the next five nights the historic venue will host  theCourteeners and Kasabian,UB40 as well as Russell Howard, multi-Grammy-winning Nile Rodgers & CHIC, The Who star Roger Daltrey, and British rock legends Def Leppard. 

    Teenage Cancer Trust awards The fantastic awards were designed by Jamie Hewlett (Tankgirl and Gorillaz fame) and feature Jamie's unique style. The resin statue created from an original design by Jamie features a cast aluminium guitar and rests upon a wooden base. Each award is finished with a signature from Roger Daltrey who is patron of the remarkable charity.Once again, Creative Awards would like to wish the very best to all involved with such a magnificent event and charity. For more information and to make a donation visit

    The Empire Awards 2018 March 14, 2018 13:11

    Welcome back to the Creative Awards blog where we showcase the very best in bespoke award design and trophies. In today's blog post we hurriedly straighten our ties, flatten down our unkempt hair and don our very best as we avidly look towards the Empire Film Awards 2018.

    The 23rd Empire Film Awards 2018, sponsored by Rakuten, take place this coming Saturday at the illustrious Roundhouse in Camden, a venue we have had the pleasure to attend whilst seeing some pretty damn good gigs. Since 1996 The Empire Film Awards have been one of the highlights of the film calendar. Celebrating the best films of the previous year, the Empire Awards bring together the biggest names in the world of cinema to celebrate, free drinks included, and reward the actors, actresses, directors and those from behind the scenes who make the films we all love. 

    This year is no exception as blockbuster films dominate the nominations. It's a battle between sci-fi and fantasy for the most nominations this year as Star Wars: The Force Awakens (9) goes head to head with Thor: Ragnarok (8) followed by Baby Driver, Call Me By Your Name and Get Out with 5 nominations respectfully. 

    Household names and global franchises compete this year to win the famed awards. Amongst the nominees, there is a slew of British actors including John Boyega for his role as swashbuckling Finn in Star Wars, Monkey man Andy Serkis for Planet of the Apes and Emma Watson for her portrayal of Belle in Beauty and the Beast.

    The Empire Awards 2018The award itself is one of our most iconic designs. Sticking with the philosophy of simplicity, the Empire Award is made from  a single piece of aircraft grade aluminium and is coated in an secret zinc mix to create a lavish and shiny exterior. Overlaid on the silver body of the award is custom cut red and black acrylic lettering of the famous award. Finished with a high res graphic of the award winner's details and the sponsor, the clean and modern design captures the importance of the ceremony and brand. We simply love this design and certainly feel that is as at home on the red carpet as it is in a glittering awards cabinet. 

    Full details of all the categories for this year's awards can be found below:

    Award categories as of 2018

    Best Actor
    Best Actress
    Best Director
    Best Male Newcomer
    Best Female Newcomer
    Best Film
    Best British Film
    Best Comedy
    Best Horror
    Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy
    Best Thriller
    Best Soundtrack
    Best Animated Film
    Best Documentary
    Best Makeup And Hairstyling
    Best Costume Design
    Best Production Design
    Best Visual Effects
    Best TV Series
    Best Actor in a TV Series
    Best Actress in a TV Series

    Creative Awards would like to wish the best of luck to all those involved with this year's event and a big thank you to the organisers for choosing us again to make these awesome custom awards. For more information contact our team on 0207  2424020 or via

    Advertising and PR Awards week March 6, 2018 15:42

    Welcome back to the Creative Awards blog where we bring you the very best in custom awards and design. In this week's blog entry we celebrate the world of advertising, PR and media.

    Advertising. To some an inspirational and creative industry that brings together art, entertainment and business. To others (Bill Hicks for example) advertising is the bane of modern society, a ploy to push people into buying something they don't need or want and to chase a feeling they will never have. We, however, are bloody proud to work with advertising and PR agencies and to be part of award winning campaigns that showcase their clients' amazing works. 

    We are delighted to have updated our website and will soon be adding a themed awards collection of which advertising, PR and media will be a category. To celebrate our new user friendly navigation we name five of our best awards in the advertising, PR and media section. 

    British Arrows

    IBritish Arrows Awardsf you don't know, the British Arrows are, without doubt, the most prestigious awards within British advertising. Celebrating and rewarding creativity, excellence in production and in craft, these beautiful bespoke awards feature a golden arrow encased in an optically clear acrylic block. A clean, modern design that captures the spirit of this fine institution. 

    British Craft Arrows

    British Craft Arrows AwardsWe simply couldn't mention the British Arrows without mentioning the British Craft Arrows. After a successful 40 years The British Arrows team merged both their CRAFT and AWARDS shows together to create the biggest event in British advertising. This beautiful award features the iconic arrows jutting out of a smooth base creating an effortless and arresting piece that looks equally at home in an art gallery as it does in the trophy cabinet. 

    Rainmaker Awards

    Rainmaker Advertising awardWe couldn't talk about advertising awards and not mention the Rainmaker Awards. Commissioned by a leading British advertising agency (we believe you have heard of them) the Rainmaker Awards are elegance personified. Featuring an abstract human figure made from soft lines and curves the custom award rests upon a handmade base. 


    D and AD AwardsCreativity comes in many shapes and forms and the folks down at D&AD certainly know something special when they see it. Inspiring and rewarding creativity and excellence within design and advertising, D&AD is the lofty benchmark that designers and agencies aspire to win. Set up in 1962, the organisation has been at the forefront of creativity for over 40 years. These beautiful wood awards are made from FSC-approved wood and finished with Pantone-matched paint. 



    For any information on our bespoke awards and to receive a full quotation contact our teams via or on 0207 242 4020.



    International Confex 2018 February 28, 2018 16:33

    Welcome back to the Creative Awards blog where we bring you the very best in custom awards, design and more. In this week's entry we are excited to announce that we are attending international Confex 2018 this week. 

    Taking place in the beautiful Olympia in Kensington from the 28th of February to the 1st of March, Confex 2018 brings together the biggest names and businesses in the world of events and conferences.

    More than 8,000 visitors and over 200 exhibitors will descend on the Olympia for this 3 day event. We are delighted to be part of the event once again and look forward to meeting like minded individuals and businesses in the events space. 

    We will be located at C24C where you can meet our teams, get to grips with our custom made awards for the world's biggest events and brands. 

    We look forward to meeting you over the next few days and wish all those attending (and the organisers) a successful Confex 2018.


    Confex 2018 stand by Creative Awards






    Honouring Sir Bobby Moore February 13, 2018 10:49

    Welcome back to the Creative Awards blog where we bring you the very best in bespoke awards and bespoke design. In this week's entry we head across town to the London Stadium to honour one of the greats of not only English football but world football too.

    Creative Awards are proud to have worked with Premier League football club West Ham United for a number of years. We have worked together to produce their player of the year awards, lifetime achievement awards and the Mark Noble 400 appearances award for the current club captain.  As avid football fans, not all of us Hammers unfortunately, we are delighted to share a passion for the biggest sport in the world with a local club that is beloved across a certain part of London. 

    February the 10th saw West Ham United host Watford F.C in the Premier League. Not only was the match known for the spectacular goals of Mexican starlet Chicharito and Austrian play-maker Marko Arnautovic but also the very special ceremony that took place before the Hammers' much needed win.

    Bobby Moore Award for west Ham United February 24th marks the 25th passing of the greatest hammer and only Englishman to lift the World Cup, Sir Bobby Moore. A tough, tenacious player, More was beloved by those across the game not only for his exceptional talent but his gentlemanly conduct and leadership. Indeed, so revered is Moore within world football that these few quotes from football's greats barely do the man justice:

    • "He was my friend as well as the greatest defender I ever played against. The world has lost one of its greatest football players and an honourable gentleman." Pelé
    • "Bobby Moore was a real gentleman and a true friend." Franz Beckenbauer
    • "Moore was the best defender I have ever seen." Sir Alex Ferguson
    • "Bobby Moore was the best defender in the history of the game" Franz Beckenbauer

    Moore made over 600 appearances for the East London club between 1958 and 1974 lifting the FA Cup, the UEFA cup with the club and, of course, the World Cup in 1966 with the national team. During this period Moore received countless personal honours including finishing 2nd in the Ballon D'Or in 1970, featuring in FIFA's team of the tournament in 1966 and winning the Hammer of the year award 4 times. Moore captained the Hammers for over 10 years and is quite rightly remembered fondly as both a player and person both inside and outside the club. 

    The ceremony marked a series of tributes that the club are holding in memory of Moore. Murals, special dinners and tributes we all take place in the lead up to the anniversary of his unfortunate passing in 1993.

    Once again, Creative Awards would like to thank all at West Ham United for entrusting our teams with such a special award for a truly iconic individual who transcended the sport he conquered. 



    Lovely Lettering February 12, 2018 13:45

    Welcome back to the Creative Awards blog bringing you the very best in custom awards and design. In this week's entry we delve into the world of alphanumerical awards and take a look at our custom made lovely lettering for the world's biggest brands and event. 

    Why choose an award made from letters and numbers?

    When choosing a custom award many of our clients approach us either with an idea that they want to turn into a 3D award or need some inspiration. Regardless of where a client is we always seek to offer our expert advice and help to bring their awards to life. Over the last few years and with the development of new technologies and methods, awards made from letters or numbers have become increasingly popular. Primarily beacause of:

    Aesthetics & Level of customisation 

    When creating an award a lot of thought is placed into how the award looks. Creating an award is a marriage between branding, aesthetics, design and engineering. As such, awards made from letters and numbers tick many of the boxes that our clients want. Firstly, they look good! Secondly, creating an award out of letters or numbers allows the message and brand to, quite literally, be at the heart of the award. This level of customisation that letters and numbers gives allows for some amazing results.

    We've picked five of our favourite awards made from letters and numbers below: 

    Pink X Award

    Pink X acrylic AwardX marks the spot in this beautiful acrylic award. The custom made award was commissioned by a leading business who wanted to create an eye catching and arresting award. Smooth lines and bright graphics intertwine to produce a bright and clean award.  To produce the detailed and swooping edges the body of the award was custom machined. To add that extra touch, a gold metal number 10 created from custom lettering was cut and applied to front.

    10 & 4 Aluminium and Acrylic Awards

    custom award trophy made form numbers Commissioned by a leading broadband company, the 10 and 4 Aluminium and Acrylic Awards capture the youthful spirit of the exciting new company. Stylised numbers with satin edges create a modern feeling award that is finished on a deep, rich blue acrylic block engraved with the ceremony and company details. 

    Instant Polished Aluminium and Acrylic Award

    Instant awardBright colours and cool metal meet in this beautiful custom award designed for a world renowned brand. A thick single piece of aluminium was hand cut to mimic the lettering of the brand before a colour matched piece of acrylic was inlayed into the metal. To finish the classic design, the base of the award was engraved with the ceremony's details. 

    THG Metal Awards

    THG Award custom madeThis beautiful bespoke metal award was created from a single pieces of aluminium using the company's letters and logos to create the body of the award. The body of the award is cut from raw aluminium creating an amazing texture with a wonderful tactile feel.  Memorable and celebratory, the award is bold, exciting and is the perfect way to recognise excellence within the company.

    MTV Awards

    MTV AwardIconic, youthful and inspiring the MTV Awards. Cherished and revered as the voice of a generation, countless numbers of people across the world have aspired to win one since MTV played its first video and changed the way we consume popular music. The acrylic award are, perhaps, the most recognisable awards that we produce. Made from a single piece of acrylic with custom HD graphics and metal lettering, these awards are seriously cool and have been won by the voices of generations. 

    In the meantime if you're feeling inspired by our amazing awards or need some assistance in creating your bespoke award, contact our teams via 020 7242 4020 or via

    Cool Columns February 5, 2018 09:00

    Welcome back to the Creative Awards blog bringing you the very best in bespoke awards and custom design. In this week’s blog we look at what, historically, has been a very popular design over the years with our clients: The Column. Now, you may think that a column shaped award may be fairly standard but we delve into some of our custom designed column awards that are totally cool.

    Green Aluminium Column

    We start the week with one of our most recent column designs. Using the classic column we reinvigorated the traditional design with a futuristic, modern finish and modern materials. Made from aircraft grade aluminium, the Green Aluminium column award was electrically dyed to produce a beautiful, rich green finish. Hand engraved with the company's branding and details this luscious green award is something special. 

    Gold, Silver, Bronze Columns

    Gold, silver and bronze. Since ancient times these three colours (and metals) have come to symbolise winning and competition. In a nod to the ancient gods we created a set of column awards featuring these iconic trifecta of colours. As you have seen with the Green Aluminium Award, these awards were also electronically dyed to ensure a uniform and deep coloured finish. Whats more, the in house process can be adapted for any colour (we colour match our colours to a globally recognised set of colours) and for any brand. Simple, elegant and cool. 

    Porsche Acrylic Award

    Take a column award and give it a twist. The next evolution of this classic design is this luxurious take commissioned by German supercar brand Porsche. Featuring an optically clear column as the body of the award and gold and silver plated oysters inside (representing the mixture and marriage of organic, natural materials and next level engineering) this award is a unique take on a simple design. 

    Wood Fusion

    Now, we are incredibly proud of this one. Over three years of in house R & D has resulted in this truly spectacular award. The Wood Fusion is an award that is only available through Creative Awards. Using top, top secret techniques we have created an award that fuses organic wood with acrylic. The clear acrylic allows the natural beauty of the gnarled wood to shine through in a elegant and simple design. 

    Bold in Business

    A bespoke commission for Bold in Business Awards. the body is made from sleek brushed steel rounded by hand to create this unusual shape. To finish the award, the metallic body of the award was hand etched with a graphic to create a two tone contrast in colour and finish. Mounted onto a solid wooden base made from FSC approved sustainable wood, the contrast between the deep brown and light silver of the steel is very impressive. 


    For more information on all cool columns or any of our outstanding awards. Contact our friendly team on 020 7242 4020 or via

    Terrific Tech Awards January 22, 2018 08:57

    Welcome back to the Creative Awards blog where we bring you the very best custom awards and trophies in the industry. In today's blog we divide our digital from our analogue and dive into the world of 1s and 0s in our top tech themed awards. 

    Technology has an ever increasing presence in our lives. From our mobile phones to the internet, email to cryptocurrencies it goes without saying that this will no doubt increase in the future. What better way to celebrate our digital overlords than looking at some of our top custom awards for tech businesses and companies.

    Google Creative Academy Acrylic Award

    Bespoke tech themed award Creative AwardsThis company needs no introduction. In fact, you may have found us through one of their products! One of the biggest companies in the world, not just within tech, Google is not just a tech giant but a tech mammoth. Commissioned by the big G, the custom Google Creative Academy Acrylic Award was an initiative and series of workshops that that brought together transformational technology, cutting edge thinking and unique experiences. The custom acrylic award was made from optically clear acrylic that draws inspiration from the iconic colours of the Google brand. 

    VR Bound Acrylic and Aluminium Award

    VR bespoke awardHeadsets at the ready as we leave the "real" world behind and enter the world of virtual reality. From gaming to surgery, virtual reality has been heralded as the next giant leap for consumers bridging the digital and the real world. Commissioned to celebrate the movers and shakers in the world of virtual reality, the sleek and futuristic award combines an acrylic body with metal numbers. HD graphics add extra detail and tone resulting in an award that captures the forward thinking spirit of those involved in making virtual reality the next big thing. 

    Institute of Physics Aluminium Award

    physics award Yes, yes we know that adding an award about physics to a technology blog is a bit left field BUT if it wasn't for the developments in physics we most likely wouldn't be sitting here typing on a computer. And, besides, its our blog. This stunning custom award is one of our most popular. The rectangular, bespoke body features  hand engraved equations such as the Heisenberg equation, Pauli Exclusion principle and Ampere’s law. Sitting on a gold base the award, enhanced by the elegance and geometry of equations, celebrates the world changing contributions of some of the world's greatest physicists. 

    Acrylic and Aluminium Platinum Partner Award

    Bespoke metal and aluminium awardMinimalist and futuristic the Acrylic and Aluminium Partner Award was commissioned by one of the world's leading tech providers. Soft aluminium interplays with warm red acrylic to create an eye catching and exciting award. Finished with engraved detailing and the branding of the company, this slick award is one for the ages. 

    Mac User Award

    mac user awardHow could we mention Google and not mention Apple? Again, this giant of the tech world was given the Creative Awards touch with a custom award. An android figure (the Android iPhone debate rages on) was hand made from clay and then cast, using top secret techniques, to create the mould and finally the figurine. Simple, futuristic and to the point, this award celebrates the brilliance of design. 

    There we have it! our top tech awards. For more information on our custom awards and to see how we can transform your awards ceremony contact our teams on or via 0207 242 4020.

    Rocking Out With Rocksound TV January 11, 2018 16:28

    Welcome back to the Creative Awards blog where we showcase the very best in custom awards and design. In today’s blog we look at the totally rocking custom award for Rocksound TV.

    It goes without saying that we love music. The bard famously said (or wrote) “If music be the food of love, play on.” Over the last four decades we have been fortunate to work with some of the biggest music events in the UK and abroad producing awards that have graced the hands (and shelves) of some of the biggest names in music.  

    From the iconic NME Awards (designed by our director Steve), to the contemporary Q Awards, the literally and figuratively Heavy Music Awards and the spectacular Irish Country Music Awards, our experience in designing custom awards for music events is unrivalled.

    We are particularly fond of music awards because music is close to the hearts of all of our staff. Many of our team have experience in the music industry in bands, as sound engineers and luthiers as well as rapping and even dancing. We simply can’t live without tunes. So, we were excited to be approached by Rocksound to help design and create their awards for their first ever Rocksound awards. Want to know how we did it? Carry on reading...

    Roksound Tv award in red by creative awardsWith Rocksound we felt it important to put the brand and name at the heart of the award. Rocksound’s logo, we think, is cool and impactful. With the logo as our starting point we developed an award that would allow the logo to be at the forefront and a design that would compliment, enhance and bring it to life.


    Rocksound award in gold by Creative AwardsFor the first ever Rocksound awards it was important to create a design that would stand the test of time. After busying away designing, tweaking and improving our initial sketches we chose a traditional circular body as the starting point. From here we wanted to make the award physically imposing and decided to make the award larger, thicker and from solid aluminium to give it a substantial and satisfying feel. To add colour, we worked with a simple two-tone composition that interchanges on both the red bodied and brass bodied award.


    metal soundwave from awardThe striking use of colour creates a visually appealing award and the warming brass contrasts nicely with the deep red. To add the finishing touch, the edges of the award were distorted into the peaks and troughs of a sound wave generated from the word Rocksound being expertly recorded by one of our team. 

    One more light fund imageWhat made working with Rocksound special, aside from being an awesome team, is that they really leveraged the exposure and interest in their ceremony to assist in a tremendous cause. With the untimely passing of Chester Bennington of Linkin Park, Rocksound honoured his legacy by posthumously awarding him the Rocksound Icon Award. Whatsmore, for each sale of their magazine bundle, £1 is donated to the One More Light fund in memory of Chester.

    The full list of winners:

    Best International Breakthrough - Waterparks

    Best British Breakthrough - Creeper

    Best International Band - One OK Rock

    Best British Band - Neck Deep

    Power Of Music Award - The Maine

    The Real Alternative - While She Sleeps

    Album Of The Year - All Time Low

    Artist Of The Year - PVRIS

    Hall Of Fame Award - Fall Out Boy

    The Rock Sound Icon - Chester Bennington

    Looking for a custom award? For over 40 years we have been proud to work with the biggest names in the world and to produce thought provoking and original awards for household brands. Whether you have an existing idea that you want to see transformed into your own award or need a bit of inspiration from our talented teams, contact Creative Awards via or call us on 020 7242 4020.

    Celebrating the best in independent film with Bifa January 4, 2018 16:22

    Welcome back to the Creative Awards blog, bringing you the very best in custom awards, custom trophies and dazzling design. In today’s entry we profile one of our most recent awards for an amazing organisation that is close to our heart the British Independent Film Awards, or Bifa for short.

    Bifa trophy engraved by Creative AwardsFrom humble beginnings in 1998 to receiving over 300 submissions a year and working with one of the world’s leading champagne houses and global media outlets, Bifa has become an important institution within the British filmmaking and cultural landscape of independent film within the UK. Borne out of a spontaneous decision to host a party by Elliot Grove and Suzanne Ballantyne of the Raindance Film Festival, the Bifa recognise and celebrate talent within British independent filmmaking and film. In addition to the coveted awards, the Bifa also work to develop talent across the nation and film screening programmed with the aid of Creative Skillset and the BFI.

    As you may or may not know Creative Awards have both a personal and professional interest within the film industry. Aside from making awards for a host of other film ceremonies, we also love working with film festivals because we all used to write and direct films. Our staff have backgrounds in media, film and television and have worked on various productions over the years. Whilst none of our endeavours quite reached the heights of the entries to the Bifa awards, we enjoy working with an organisation that champions up and coming directors and independent film.

    The eye-catching award was designed by sculptor Fredrikson Stallard and is effortlessly artistic and deeply meaningful. Created in conjunction with Swarovski, the beautiful piece captures the meaning of the Bifa and resonates inspiration and aspiration. Intricate gold, piercing crystal and soft lines intermingle to create a trophy that is both thought-provoking and rewarding not only for the recipients but within the creative space itself.

    BIFA Trophy designed by Fredrikson Stallard, created by Swarovski from BIFA TV on Vimeo.

    Creative Awards assisted in the engraving of this impactful trophy liaising closely with representatives from the Bifa to ensure that the work we produced reflected the outstanding quality of the recipients and the films submitted.  

    A Year in Awards December 14, 2017 13:12

    Welcome back to the Creative Awards blog, bringing you the very best in awards and design. As the New Year hurtles towards us at breakneck speed we reflect on another busy year in a roundup of our top bespoke awards of the year. Amongst awards for the biggest brands and businesses in the world there are some smaller, lesser known companies whose awards are equally original and thought provoking. We have chosen 12 awards that best showcase this year’s designs and new approaches to traditional (and top secret) techniques that we use.

    Acrylic London Landmark Frame Award

    London Landmark award Based in the heart of London, a leading business approached Creative Awards to create a custom award that would capture the spirit of this one-of-a-kind city. Drawing inspiration from the iconic landmarks and sights that festoon the city, the acrylic landmark award changes the concept of what an award is. Colourful, layered acrylic stencils create silhouettes of the landmarks in a modern, almost street art style, to stunning effect.

    Bisley Acrylic Filing Cabinet

    Bisley custom made awardDesigned in conjunction with the world famous office stationery and furniture company, the Bisley Acrylic Filing Cabinet represents a true triumph of design and engineering. The one-off special commission was produced over the course of two months and made entirely by hand. Adding an extra touch of magic, the additional detailing includes the Bisley logo and drawer handles.

    Wood Fusion Award

    Bespoke Wood Fusion awardOver 2 years of R&D resulted in the amazing Wood Fusion Award. What makes this award so special? Our research department worked tirelessly to be able to fuse acrylic and wood without destroying either of the materials. This top secret technique championed by Creative Awards allows us to create these wonderful, organic awards that are truly unique. Each award captures and preserves the natural imperfections and beauty in the wood in optically clear acrylic. The column award can be customised with different tones of wood and various acrylic finishes that capture and transmit each brand and business.

    Heavy Music Awards

    Heavy music AwardsTurn the amp up to 11 because this is one loud award. Commissioned by the totally rocking Heavy Music Awards, the bespoke award is big on attitude and even bigger on size. Celebrating the gods of the heavy metal world, the award was custom cut from a solid block of aluminium giving it a weighty, heavy feel perfect to capture the heavy riffs and sounds of the recipients. Finished with colourful vinyl graphics, the award was hand-engraved with the recipients, event and sponsors details.

    City of London Silver Metal Gryphon

    Handmade city of london awardFor over 700 years the gryphon has been a powerful symbol of the city of London. Found across the financial and political centre of the city, the gryphon captures the history, pageantry and  tradition of one of the most important cities in the world. Commissioned by the City of London Corporation, the bespoke award was hand carved and cast to capture the beautiful details of the beast. Featuring a hand painted St. George’s cross, this award is London personified.

    Teenage Cancer Trust Award

    Teenage cancer trust awardsCreative Awards have worked with some of the biggest charities in the world over the past 40 years. Approached by the Teenage Cancer Trust we worked closely with famed comic book artist, designer and director Jamie Hewlett (of Gorillaz and Tank Girl fame) to produce this special award. Based on a unique and original design by Jamie, the handmade bespoke acrylic award features the winner’s details and is hand signed by none other than Roger Daltrey of The Who.

    Superhero Resin Award

    Superhero award front shot Not all heroes (or awards) wear capes but this one certainly does. A custom resin award, the superhero Award was made from a hand-modelled clay master from a 2D drawing supplied by our client. The incredibly detailed, life like figurine showcases just some of the many techniques we use to create something truly inspiring.

    Triple Pyramid Aluminium Award

    bespoke metal awardSimple, sleek and sophisticated the Triple Pyramid Award. Commissioned by a renowned travel and cultural organisation, the bespoke award is a minimalist design that perfectly captures the branding of the client. Made from hand polished metal, the custom cut metal body rests on a hand finished base.

    Acrylic and Aluminium Platinium Partner Award

    acrylic and aluminium custom made awardCool frosted aluminium meets warm, bright acrylic in this bespoke award for one of the world’s leading tech companies. Made from aircraft grade aluminium, the award features custom cast translucent acrylic. What makes this award so unique is that it can be customised to each client’s specifications to capture their brand and messaging.

    VR Bound Acrylic and Aluminium Award

    VR bespoke awardA futuristic mixed media award commissioned to celebrate and reward the very best in emerging technologies. The custom cut acrylic body features high resolution graphics and hand cut metal numbers. We simply love the contrast of the deep, warming graphics and the clinical, soft silver of the metal.

    Layered Wood and Aluminium Award

    layered wood and aluminium awardMade from FSC-approved walnut, the hand cut and finished body is treated with natural oil to produce a deep, rich colour and finish.To add extra depth and tone to the award, black and gold aluminium is placed onto the body. Engraved and finished with custom graphics and lettering, the custom designed plaques create an on-brand award that is effective and clean.

    The Mark Noble Award

    The Mark Noble AwardWe’re forever blowing bubbles, maybe more in beer than on a football terrace but this award is one of our favourites. Commissioned by Premier League club West Ham United, the Mark Noble award celebrates the local lad (born a stone's throw from the former home of West Ham United, Upton Park) reaching 400 appearances for the club. The sleek, contemporary award is a square glass column with hand engraved details and the iconic crossed hammers of the club.



    Creative Awards would like to thank all of our clients for their business this year. Each year, as we grow, we are proud to work with both big and small companies, local and international events to produce custom made trophies that inspire and delight. For more information on our awards contact our teams via or via 020 7242 4020.

    Awesome Automobile Awards December 5, 2017 12:06

    Welcome back to the Creative Awards blog. After surviving the plummeting temperatures that are dropping faster than a West Ham fan's optimism we are back with a bang. We look to four wheels, put pedal to the metal and race into the first week of December with a look at our awesome automobile awards. 


    Bernie Ecclestone Book Creative Awards hand cut signatureWe kickstart the week with this fabulous bespoke commission for the legendary Mclaren. A name that has inspired millions across the globe, Mclaren are known for their outstandingly engineered, aesthetically stunning cars that perform to the limit. Approached to work on a project that pushed the concept of publishing, Creative Awards were asked to design a bespoke silver signature for the fibre glass cover to "The Bernie". A veritable compendium of F1 that includes never before seen photos, the signature of 22 F1 drivers and is bound in silk.  Using a template of Bernie Eccleston's signature, our silversmith worked lovingly to transfer the work from concept into a fully fledged silver signature that rested on a carbon fibre cover. 

    Porsche Award

    Bespoke luxury award for Porsche by Creative AwardsGerman engineering at its finest. Porsche are known for producing some of the most iconic cars in the world. From the 911 to the 959, Porsche effortless combine beauty and raw power to stunning effect. To create the eye-catching award gold and silver-plated oysters were encapsulated inside the solid column of clear Perspex (using top secret industry techniques) for this centrepiece. The luxurious gold and silver combined with the contrasting smooth lines of the acrylic and the jagged, organic lines of the oysters make this a truly one of a kind award.

    A1 Grand Prix Awards

    A1 Grand Prix medals Creative AwardsDesigned in conjunction with the iconic A1 Grand Prix trophy, the beautiful A1 Grand Prix medals capture the spirit of speed and branding of this world famous competition.  Each gold, silver and bronze medals was individually enamelled and engraved for the A1 Grand Prix. 

    A1 Grand Prix Trophy Creative AwardsEmbracing the spirit and style of the sport, the A1 trophy is a beautiful handmade trophy for the famous racing competition. Sleek, contemporary and, most importantly, celebratory, the trophy was designed to with the iconic motifs or racing within. The chequered flag, the winners laurels and golden globe

    Wooden Award for Bentley

    Hand sculpted wood award for Bentley by Creative AwardsA truly global, a truly luxurious, a truly British brand. Bentley. For over 100 years Bentley have been at the forefront of luxury design and engineering. Capturing the legacy, heritage and classic feel of this renowned brand the Wooden Award for Bentley was a special commission for the famous car company. The solid, hand engraved timber block is made from FSC approved wood and is s anded and polished to expose the fine grains and colours creating natural textures and organic shapes.To finish the block was engraved with the iconic Bentley logo with decorative text wrapping around the award.


    For more information on our bespoke awards contact our dedicated and talented teams via or via  020 7242 4020. 

    Winter themed awards November 27, 2017 15:58

    Welcome back to the Creative Awards blog where we bring you the very best in custom made awards and bespoke design. As the temperature drops across the UK and the nights grow ever more longer, we cast a topical eye towards our winter themed awards. We're not going to lie, it's utterly freezing in London at the moment. These clear blue crisp morning may be beautiful but they do certainly chill the bones. How to keep warm in winter this year? Don't worry, we have you covered...

    Copper Stag Award 

    Custom made stag award Creative AwardsWhat better way to keep warm on a cold winter's morning, day, or evening than with a warming glass of the delightful golden amber liquid that is whisky. Celebrating and capturing the essence of the famous Scottish brand, the copper whisky award was made from aged oak barrels used in the whisky-making process to impart a sweet, rich aroma to the award. What's more, the body of the award was made from copper, a nod towards the metal used in the distilling process. 

    Flat Cap Award

    Bespoke flat cap award Creative AwardsHow else to keep warm in winter? Wrapping up of course. Whilst the cyclical nature of fashion comes and goes one thing is constant: the flat cap will never go out of fashion. Some may argue it has never been in fashion, but what do they know? A fun and exciting award, the humble flat cap takes centre stage in this bespoke commission. Housed in a beautiful glass and wood custom built frame, the Flat Cap Award is our winter choice of clothing to keep you all nice and toasty. 

    O'Neill Snowboarding Award

    Metal and rock custom made award Creative AwardsIf you can't beat 'em, join 'em. Keeping active is one way to stave of the icy reach of Mr Jack Frost and snowboarding is surely one of the coolest ways to keep warm. Commissioned by one of the biggest brands in the world, the contemporary custom award for O'Neill draws inspiration from the youthful and energetic company. Featuring a highly polished engraved metal body with alt graphics, the award rests on a gnarly piece of rock offering a contrast in the smooth lines of the metal. 

    ICE Awards

    custom made ice awards Creative AwardsOne of these awards is not like the other... Yes, we know that ice isn't the best thing to warm you up but how could a winter themed awards week be complete without the ICE Award. This bespoke commission is one of our most popular awards. Featuring a jagged and gnarled iceberg, breaking through the waves and creating bubbles, this award is seriously cool. 

    Victory Flame Award

    Golden Flame AwardIf in doubt get the wood fire out. What could be better than sitting around a nice wood fire to warm up in winter with your friends and family? We turn up the heat with our beautiful Victory Flame Award. The custom made metal award was hand crafted by our expert craftsman in our Hatton Garden workshop. Featuring a contemporary design that is both eye catching and thought provoking, this trophy may be hot stuff but it may not keep you that warm for winter. 


    We hope that our awesome awards have helped you to keep just a tiny bit warmer this winter. For more information on our bespoke awards and trophies speak to our design teams today on 0207 242 4020 or via



    Maybe its because we are Londoners October 31, 2017 16:00

    Welcome back to the Creative Awards blog where we bring you the very best in award making and design. This week we shine the Creative Awards’ spotlight on one of our latest projects the  cast Acrylic award: London Landmark Frame Award. This special commission is an ode to the city through its iconic landmarks as we seek to capture what makes London London and celebrate this incredible city.

    Bespoke acrylic award London Creative AwardsNow, maybe its because we’re all Londoners that we love London town and our latest bespoke award for this wonderful city. London is dear to our hearts with all of our team being born in and raised in the capital. When you think of London, what do you think of? Pie and mash, a sunny stroll down the Southbank, a wealth of sights to see and places to experience? Most likely a mixture of all (speaking to one of our head designers, who shall rename nameless, pie and mash was their first thought) and with this in mind we attempted to capture the capital in this custom award. Commissioned by a leading business association, the brief was simple a London-focused award, so we put on our Hatton Garden creative hats and got to work.

    bespoke london themed award creative AwardsWe, of course, could have gone for a special award and created a more usual column or custom shape but we really wanted to push the boat out with this one. We wanted a modern award with a twist and the result is this spectacular layered frame of images. Taking the capital as our starting point we choose four images that we felt showcased the city. Can you name them all? Insert image… For those struggling we went for St. Paul’s Cathedral, a Royal Horseguard, a Black Taxi, Big Ben and the river Thames.

    Custom made acrylic London landmark award Creative AwardsWe used a street art style to create contemporary images of the sights in vibrant coloured acrylic. Starting with the chosen images we created negatives (much like when creating templates for street art) and ensured that each image would overlap to create the acrylic frame. The distinct use of colour, abstract silhouettes and layers came together to create an award that is more art than award.

    London landmark custom made award Creative AwardsWhat we particularly love about this award is that the technique, especially useful for acrylic awards, can be used for any combination of images or colours allowing for amazing custom pieces to be created. We are excited to offer this design approach to our clients and reinvent the concept of an awards plaque. Whilst on the subject of London, have you seen our custom award for the city of London corporation Again, we pay homage to the city through our innovative design and expert eye.

    For more information about the Acrylic London Landmark Frame Award and to discuss your design, contact our teams on or via 0207 242 4020.

    Broadening the Mind October 16, 2017 12:19

    Welcome back to the Creative Awards blog bringing you the best in bespoke awards, custom made for the biggest and brightest companies across the world. In today's article, as the daylight grows ever sparing and the chill of a London winter sets in, we dream of jet setting off to warmer climbs through our Travel Awards week. 

    Triple Pyramid Aluminium Award

    Custom made metal travel award Creative AwardsOne of our latest custom made awards, The Triple Pyramid Aluminium Award is a minimalist award that is both elegant and contemporary. Commissioned by the Leading Culture Destinations Awards, the ceremony recognises and celebrates exceptional cultural institutions and museums across the world. Famous recipients of the trophy include The Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology in Portugal (picking up The Best Architecture Award) and London's very own Design Museum winning the coveted Leading Cultural Destination Award 2017.  Made from a single piece of highly polished aluminium, the body of the award uses the logo of the ceremony as the principal design motif. Sat upon a custom cut, engraved base the cool, sleek lines of the logo are reflected in the aluminium, custom sized base. 

    Trip Advisor Awards

    Bespoke Award for Trip Advisor Creative AwardsThis business certainly needs no introduction!! One of the biggest websites in the world, Trip Advisor is a house hold name thanks to its innovative community that offer industry leading reviews for most of the world's hotels, holiday destinations and attractions. The special commission was created by Trip Advisor to reward the community and celebrates the best reviews and contributions. The custom made award uses the logo of Ollie the Owl and high definition graphics to create a bright and colourful award that was given out to members across the world. 

    Food and Travel Awards

    Bespoke Food and Travel Award Creative AwardsWhat is travel without food and what is food without travel? We all agree that when you're on holiday, or simply in a new, exciting place, savouring the local delicacies is a sure fire way to experience the local culture. The Food and Travel awards celebrate the marriage between two things very close to our hearts (and stomachs) in a contemporary and classy design. A solid block of polished aluminium forms the body of the award and is offset by the warming tones of the FSC approved wood that forms the logo of the award ceremony. Details of the event are engraved above and below the eye catching logo to create balance and symmetry. 

    Mr and Mrs Smith Hotel Awards

    Mr and Mrs Smith Awards Creative AwardsWhen you think of boutique hotels Mr and Mrs Smith surely are a name that come to mind. In a short time this bespoke review site has become one of the most important websites for those looking for unique experiences in boutique hotels in the world's finest destinations.  Fitting of a luxury experience, our luxurious bespoke award uses the infamous "Do Not Disturb" sign that many an intrepid travel is familiar with. Cut from a single piece of aircraft grade aluminium, the body is set in black (using top secret techniques) engraved to reveal the silver of the aluminium below and uses gold leaf to add that touch of luxury. 

    Business Travel People Awards

    Metal and Wood Bespoke Award The Business People Travel Awards Creative AwardsOne of the most respected ceremonies in the Travel Awards calendar, The Business Travel People Awards celebrate those businesses and indivduals who over outstanding services to the corporate sector. Fitting of the concept of the event, we place people at the heart of the design. Stylised, art-deco figures made from highly polished aluminium galavant towards an unknown destination and rest on the deep, mahogany base. 

    We hope that our blog has inspired you to travel and sample the delights that this world has to offer. Contact our experts via or call 0207 242 4020 to discuss any ideas (awards related) that you may have and let help to make your event or ceremony even more exceptional with our wonderful awards. 

    Fabulous Film Awards October 4, 2017 15:54

    Welcome back to the Creative Awards blog bringing you the very best in awards and design from the U.K's oldest established awards company. In this week's entry we turn the creative spotlight onto some of our fabulous film awards for the U.K's biggest film awards and events. Film is a passion of ours at Creative Awards, browse through our film collection and you will see a wealth of masterpieces from the big screen. This passion comes from the years of experience our staff have in the film industry.  With backgrounds in media, film and television our teams have worked with leading directors, script writers and production companies in various positions. Without further ado, grab yourself some popcorn, turn your phone to silent and sit back to enjoy some of our film awards. Curtains up!

      Exit 6 Film Festival 

    Custom made aluminium and acrylic film award Creative AwardsHot off the press, our most recent film award is for a one day festival of film for the Exit6 Film Festival. Bringing together film makers across a range of genres and styles, the fledgling festival is attracting talent from across the U.K. A minimalist and contemporary award, the custom cut shape of the body captures the logo of the awards. Nickel plated aluminium contrasts with the Pantone coloured matched hand cut acrylic logo in the centre of the column. Although small in size, this weighty award packs a real punch. 

    The Empire Film Awards

    The Empire Film Awards group shot Creative AwardsThe awards for the legendary film magazine Empire have been taking place for over 20 years. Famous winners, numerous we stress to add, include Arnold Schwarzenegger, Patrick Stewart, Tom Hanks and Leonardo DiCaprio. The iconic award was redesigned by ourselves and is as recognisable as the ceremony itself. Featuring a complete custom made body and lettering, the logo of the famous magazine takes centre stage and is set into nickel plated aluminium creating a highly polished and highly desirable finished award. 

    The Evening Standard Film Awards

    Evening Standard Film Award group shot Creative AwardsOne of the longest running newspapers in the world, The Evening Standard is an iconic publication within the U.K Media. The highly coveted film awards have been given the Creative Awards twist and have graced the palms of some of the biggest names in film and stage. The sculpted pewter award draws inspiration from Eros the symbol of the newspaper. Finished with a fetching, carved wooden podium, the rounded base of the award features an engraved plaque of the winner's and category details. 

    Film Award

    Abstract Gold film award Creative AwardsSmall in size yet big in personality the abstract film award is one of our favourites. Taking inspiration from the elegance and mystique of the big screen, the body of the award is in the form of a stylised female figure. Hand sculpted from clay in our workshop and finished  in acrylic, the soft curves and lines create a wonderful abstract award. Finished in gold for a lavish finish, the award is a timeless design. 

    Rocky Award

    Rocky Film Award Creative AwardsIs the music from this iconic film going through your head yet? We certainly hope so. Whilst the award was not commissioned for a film event we think it looks seriously cool. We know how difficult it can be for our clients to find inspiration for an award and we hope that the Rocky Award can get those creative juices flowing as to the possibilities of what we can do for you. A high-definition still from the legendary film is set into optically clear acrylic using our secret industry technique. To finish, the base of the rectangular award is hand engraved with the winners details. Like the design? Check out more of our custom acrylic awards

    Charity Awards September 25, 2017 11:16

    Welcome back to the Creative Awards blog where we bring you the very best in bespoke awards and design. In today's blog post we celebrate Charity Awards Week where we examine our awards for some of the biggest charities in the UK. We are immensely proud to work with a range of charities and help to make their events and evenings special for those attending and helping to raise money to support their fine causes.

    Pudsey - Children in Need

    Custom made charity award Pudsey Bear Creative AwardsSince 1980 the BBC's Children In Need has raised over £600 million for disabled children and young people across the UK. Indeed, the fixture has become a staple of British culture and a yearly TV highlight. The iconic mascot of Children In Need, Pudsey Bear has become a beloved TV character for many across the land. Creative Awards were honoured to be tasked with designing the inaugural Sir Terry Wogan Fundraiser of the Year award that celebrates the individual who has gone above and beyond in raising money for the charity, paying homage to the late Sir Terry Wogan who hosted the show for over 20 years.  A handmade model of the iconic bear was first created from clay and a highly detailed cast was made to create the resin base. A beautiful silver finish was applied with semi-precious stones adorn the statue adding glamour and taking the beautiful design even further.

    For more information and to donate to the charity visit the official website

    The Wood Fusion Award

    Wood Fusion bespoke award Creative Awards charity award ideasThe Wood Fusion is the latest bespoke award from Creative Awards. The result of over 2 years' intense R & D, the piece is a versatile and beautiful award that would lend itself well to charities. Made from optically clear acrylic expertly fashioned into a minimalist column, the body of the award features a rich, organic wood that offers a contrast to the sharp lines of the acrylic. The award can be customised to any colour and wood combination and engraved with the event and recipient's details making it the perfect piece for a charity event. 

    The Teenage Cancer Trust

    Teenage Cancer Trust award Creative AwardsFounded in 1990, the Teenage Cancer Trust improves the lives of young people suffering from cancer. As well as providing specialist cancer units in hospitals across the UK, the Teenage Cancer Trust also helps to train specialist teenage cancer staff. The famous charity host a special event each year at the Royal Albert Hall where a selection of musicians, comedians and celebrities host the evenings that raise money for the charity. This year's award was designed by illustrator, director and artist Jamie Hewitt (creator of Gorillaz and Tank Girl) and created by Creative Awards. The resin statue, based on an original design by Jamie, features the signature cartoon style and holds aloft, in the ultimate rock and roll pose, a beautiful hand crafted aluminium guitar. Each award was finished with a signature by Roger Daltry of The Who, a patron of the charity. 

    For more information and to donate visit

    Eco Friendly Award

    Eco-friendly award charity award ideas by Creative AwardsCreative Awards are proud to offer an exciting range of eco-friendly awards, handmade from 100% sustainable sources that minimise the impact on the environment. These organic trophies use the natural imperfections of locally sourced slate and 100% FSC-approved beech to create an eco-friendly award that is versatile and memorable. Perfect for charity events, the awards' one-of nature mean that each award is slightly different due to the materials used. A fine idea for charity events, each award can be finished and engraved with the ceremony and winner's details. 

    Once again, Creative Awards would like to thank our partners at the BBC and The Teenage Cancer Trust for entrusting our teams with the creation of their awards for these special events.

    Contact our teams today via or on 0207 242 4020 for more information and to discuss any ideas or enquiries that you may have. 

    The most versatile of materials August 21, 2017 16:59

    Welcome back to the Creative Awards blog, bringing you the very best in custom made awards and bespoke trophies. In today's blog post we turn our creative eyes towards celebrating a week of our very own bespoke metal awards.

    Metal, arguably one of the finest creations of mankind. From buildings to automobiles, mobile phones to weapons, metal is undoubtably one of the most important materials across the manufacturing spectrum. Bespoke metal awards have become increasingly popular due to the versatile nature of the substance. Finishes, colours, textures all intermingle within metal allowing our experts to create one-off pieces that are unique. Let's have a look at some of them, shall we?

    Runefest Gaming Award

    metal dragon bespoke trophy for Runescape1999 saw many things occur across the world, the overhyped fear of the millennium bug. Prince's iconic hit being played endlessly, Manchester United winning the Premier League and the birth of a game that would become a global phenomenon. Played by over 1.3 million players a year, Runescape is one of the biggest games in the world. Creative Awards produced a bespoke metal award for the Runefest Championship that brought together the world's best players and celebrated all that is Runescape. Made from aluminium, the custom made award features a dragon motive befitting of the ferocious fantasy game. Read more about the ceremony in our design blog

    Gold Recognition Ingot Awards

    Custom made gold aluminium blocks Brilliance and achievement were celebrated in our second entry of Metal Awards Week with the "Gold Recognition Ingot Awards". Minimalist and modern, the bespoke award is one of our most popular. Finished in a fine gold, the precision machine cut block is fully customisable and can be made in any colour to match any brand. What works amazingly well with this award is that it can be used in a variety of ways, as a paperweight, an award or even an ornament. 

    Mr & Mrs Smith Awards

    Black aluminium do not disturb sign custom made for Mr and Mrs SmithCommissioned by luxury boutique hotel company "Mr & Mrs Smith" the bespoke award is one of our favourite metal awards. Drawing inspiration from the world of travel, the body of the award is in the shape of an infamous "Do not disturb" sign. The unique piece is cut from a single piece of metal, creating a solid looking, and feeling, award. A sleek black finish with the company logo finished in gold leaf and engraving revels the silver aluminium underneath. 


    THG lettered column custom made from metal awardThis spectacular metal award places the client branding and logo at the very heart of the piece. Made from a single block of aircraft grade aluminium, the award features the interlocking letters of the company. A cool grey finish highlights the brilliance of the design creating a modern and contemporary feel. Commissioned by a leading national company, the sleek award rewards longtime service within the business. 

    The Irish Country Awards

    Guitar profied neck made from aluminium and finished in gold awardAll that glitters is indeed gold. Our last entry in Metal Awards Week is a special commission for RTE's Irish Country Awards. A single piece of aluminium was specially cut to produce a headstock and tuning pegs of a guitar paying homage to the long standing singer songwriter dynamic within Irish Folk music. Looking good enough to play, the award is finished in a beautiful matte gold within ceremony and winner's details engraved revealing the soft, silver aluminium underneath.

    Discover more of our custom awards and contact our experts today on 0207 242 4020 and via With more than four decades' experience in producing awards for the World's biggest events and brands, Creative Awards can make your event or occasion even more special.

    TV Awards week August 21, 2017 16:49

    Welcome back to the Creative Awards blog, bringing the very best in custom awards directly to you. In this week's entry we examine the exciting world of the silver screen with our TV Awards week. So don't touch that dial and dive into our TV Awards Week. 

    It is estimated that the average Brit spends a whopping 40 hours of TV a week, so what better way to pay homage to one of the nation's favourite past times than through our custom made awards for some of the country's biggest channels and series. 

    The ITV Award

    Clear acrylic bespoke award with high res coloured graphicsWe start the week with the ITV Award. One of our most popular designs, the custom made acrylic award is a minimalist and stylish piece. Featuring a custom cut acrylic body and internally printed high res graphics, the award was commissioned by Britain's biggest terrestrial TV network.

    International TV Awards

    Silver and green aluminium TV shaped custom award with black baseA mixed media award that channels (get it?) the very best in international TV. The International TV Awards features a highly stylised television shape cut from a thick slab of aluminium and is electrochemically treated to create the unique finish. An additional piece of green aluminium with the engraved detailed was applied to the one of a kind body before the award was mounted onto a FSC-certified base.

    Pet Rescue

    Rounded wood award with brass paw motifOur furry friends are celebrated in this custom made wood award. Made from beech wood from sustainable sources, the bespoke award has a rounded body and a rectangular base that is laser etched with the name of the award. A paw was created from brass to add depth and texture to the award as well as to provide a fetching focal point. 

    The British Soap Awards

    Philip Scofield holding a British Soap AwardPat Butcher, Wellard and Ricccky! All names that the nation has grown up on and such is the power of soaps to grip our cultural frames of references. This truly unique hand blown glass and metal award was specially commissioned by Granada TV with a silver-plated truncated profile of tube with a hand blown soap bubble engraved with the event logo and winner's details. 

    The Crime Thriller Awards

    Clear custom acrylic award with finger print and detailsWe summoned our inner detectives to make this bespoke award for ITV's Crime Thriller awards ceremony. With all the clues pointing towards wanting something extra special, we created a custom made piece that keeps you on the edge of your seat. An optically clear acrylic body features an encapsulated fingerprint and details of the ceremony and keeps the message of the award within the theme of the shows celebrated. One of our most popular styled bespoke acrylic awards, the encapsulation effect is common across many of our designs. 

    Stay tuned for more from the Creative Awards blog where we showcase the best in awards and design. Contact our expert teams today on 0207 242 4020 or via and let us help to make your event or ceremony stand out with our awards. 

    The latest luxurious award August 11, 2017 11:58

    Welcome back to the Creative Awards blog where we showcase the very best in design and custom made awards. In today's entry we will look at one of our most iconic pieces of work that encapsulate the very best of what we do.

    The IP Global Award is unique in the sense that all of our teams worked on the award from the designing and production of the figurine and base to the intricate silver work required to form the cage that envelops the central gold ball. Usually, and depending on the award, not all of our teams are required to work on a piece simply because not all awards require the talents of all of our team members at once.

    Hand made brass cage for Atlas bespoke award Creative AwardsThis unique piece of design was commissioned especially by the leading property investment firm IP Global who approached Creative Awards to produce a one of a kind award to be given to employees. To celebrate the achievements of the firm we decided to focus on exploring the brand and its history to combine the elements that encapsulate the company.

    Handmade silver plated figurine Creative AwardsStrength, reassurance and expertise were just a few of the concepts that we associated with the brand and were used to form the backbone to the design. We choose to use the central theme of strength and security by choosing a kneeling Atlas figurine to represent this. The figurine was hand cast from a specially created mould and finished in elegant silver for a timeless and classic look. Mounted onto a custom made black base, the contrast between light and dark as well as textured and smooth elements started to take shape as the award came together.

    To enhance the award we took the central concept of a globally recognised business and created a metal spherical cage to house a metal, textured gold ball. Our resident silversmith, with a background in fine jewellery, painstakingly hand crafted the spherical cage that needed to be in exact proportions to ensure the aesthetic was carried through.

    Atlas bespoke award Creative AwardsOnce this fine bit of work was finished the cage and enclosed ball were mounted onto the figurine and black, custom made base. To finish the award, details of the company and the winner's information was hand engraved onto silver plaques that were then applied to the base. 

    For over 40 year's Creative Awards have been producing bespoke awards for the world's biggest events and brands. Our dedicated teams of experts are on hand to bring your creations to life and work with you to produce the exceptional for your event. Contact us today via or via 0207 242 4020.

    Putting the pedal to the metal August 3, 2017 08:34

    silver signature bernie ecclestone

    Welcome back to the Creative Awards blog bringing you the very best in bespoke awards and design. In today's entry we talk cars in this custom commission for one of the world's most exclusive and luxurious brands, Mclaren.

    The very name has inspired generations of people across the globe, be it young children playing with their race cars with hopes of one day becoming the next Nigel Mansell, or ardent fans following the ups and downs of their favourite team. Mclaren has transcended the world of racing to become synonymous with the very best in engineering and design. 

    Whether it is the Mclaren-Honda formula one race team or the iconic Mclaren F1 (estimated to be worth over £10 million on today's market) this legendary brand has captured the imagination of the world. Creative Awards were immensely proud to work with this iconic company to assist in creating something truly unique and one of a kind.

    Ecclestone book image This special edition, "The Bernie" features a highly engineered, carbon fibre clam shell to house the book. Meanwhile, other editions, silk clad of course, will set you back a mere £2,000. What costs £1 million, weighs 35kg, has 850 pages, over 1000 photos and contains the signatures of 22 Formula champions? If you managed to guess this we truly applaud you. Known as the "The Bernie" this exquisite piece of formula one history, a compendium of the sport, was produced in conjunction with Mclaren Racing and the publishing house Opus Media Group. Taking over two years in the making, The Official F1 Opus is truly a work of art. Aside from the contents themselves, deeply desirable by anyone's standard, the Bernie is a hallmark within the concepts of publishing. 

    Hand crafted from sterling silver, the signature was moulded and crafted over the course of a week. Using a template of Bernie's signature, our silversmith worked lovingly to transfer the work from concept into a fully fledged silver signature. Creative Awards were approached by the publishers to create a stand out signature of the renowned formula empresario Bernie Ecclestone that would be mounted onto the cover of the clam shell carbon fibre cover. With over 40 year's experience within custom design and many of our engineers coming from a jewellery background we set to work immediately to create a luxurious one of a kind piece that would crown the cover.

    The result. A truly one of a kind piece that will go down in the annals of the sport and the world of publishing itself.

    Creative Awards proudly produce awards and design for some of the world's biggest brands and events. Contact our teams today on or via 0207 242 4020 to see how we can help you bring you event to life. 

    Our bespoke beast August 2, 2017 11:26

    Close up City of London Gryphon Creative Awards

    Welcome back to the Creative Awards blog. In today's entry we channel our inner Tolkien, Game of Thrones and Monster Hunter Generations in our latest bespoke award. We are immensely proud of this stunning custom made award, commissioned by the City of London Corporation, The City of London Silver Metal Gryphon.

    The custom metal award immediately took an important place within the Creative Awards canon of works. We were immensely proud to be approached by The City of London Corporation and excited to be given the responsibility to create an award for this integral part of London's varied, historic and diverse culture. 

    What better way to capture the City than with a potent symbol that is recognised across the land and across the world? To create the piece we started by looking to the streets of the City in search of something that captures the feel, pageantry and history of the place. 

    Indeed, for over 700 years the gryphon has been used as a symbol for the City of London, colloquially known as the Square Mile, which can be defined as the historic and business centre of London that was founded by the Romans in 1AD. Over the course of history, London has expanded significantly yet the City remains an intriguing part of London's folklore with its own administrative branch. 

    What does remain, however, is the symbol that has evolved and changed across nearly 800 years. Originally introduced in AD 138, the coat of arms of the City of London featured a saint George's flag on a shield with a red, upturned sword in the upper left quadrant. Over the centuries, the coat of arms underwent many changes. In the 17th century, the supporters and the crest were added and it has been thought that the dragons were in reference to the legend of Saint George and the dragon. 

    The fearsome beast that is the symbol for The City is a legendary creature with the body, tail, and back legs of a lion, the head and wings of an eagle, and an eagle's talons as its front feet. Because the lion was traditionally considered the king of the beasts and the eagle the king of birds, the gryphon was thought to be an especially powerful and majestic creature.

    Left hand shot City of London Dragon Creative Awards

    To create the award we took the existing, iconic imagery and added nothing. We firmly felt that with such a historic piece it was best to not break with tradition and use the existing work to create the statue. Cast from silver metal, the bespoke award features a highly detailed body. To bring the beast to life the shield was hand painted with red and white enamel to mimic the statues which stand in the City. Resting on a simple, black resin base, the award is truly one of our favourites.

    For more information and to say hello to our industry-leading teams, contact us via or via 0207 242 4020. 

    Howling at the moon July 26, 2017 12:37

    Custom made wolf award by Creative Awards

    This week Creative Awards are back with a bang with our latest bespoke award. In today’s blog post we will have an in-depth look into an exciting new award, the acrylic and aluminium Wolf Award. Let’s get started and sink our teeth into it.

    The Acrylic and Aluminium Wolf award was commissioned by one of the world’s leading BMX associations, the iBMXFF, for the BMX World Championships. Taking place at the NASS Festival 2017, the event brought athletes from all across the world together to compete at the event for the first time in in Bristol. 

    The 7th to the 9th of July witnessed both amateur and professional riders competing for a chunk of the whopping $50,000 prize money across park, vert, flatland and dirt categories. Chairman Matt Hoffman, one of the biggest names in the sport, said: "I was there in 1988 and it was amazing to be there again last year. To say we are stoked to be coming back again in 2017 would be an understatement. If last year is anything to go by we will certainly be high-fiving the progression and rocking even more love for BMX."

    Custom aluminium award wolf Creative AwardsFitting of the competition we were privileged to help create the bespoke award for the event. Creative Awards were supplied with the artwork and we were charged with turning the artwork into reality. We based the design around the existing ideas of the client who had created something utterly spectacular for our teams to work with. The design features a graffiti-esque wolf, full of vigor and detail in a modern, street art style. To best showcase the work, we opted to use metal for the body of the award which would allow the design to take centre stage.

    Custom award base Wolf award Creative AwardsThe highly polished aluminium metal body was etched with the design creating tone and shape and demonstrating the beautiful artwork. To finish the custom award we mounted the body to a rectangular base that was finished with the event and winner’s details in silver to match the colour of the aluminium.

    The result: an award that captures the spirit of the sport, its counter culture origins and exciting street feel. Creative Awards would like to offer a special thanks to the teams at the games for their assistance in the project and we hope that all those involved with the event had a great time.

    For more information on the award and any enquiries that you may have, contact our teams on 0207 242 4020 or via

    A masterclass in cast resin awards July 24, 2017 10:30

    Cast resin award Creative Awards

    Welcome back to the Creative Awards blog, bringing you the very best in bespoke awards and trophies, design and more. In today’s blog entry we put on our ties, iron our very best shirts and look at one of our latest special awards. The delightfully debonair bespoke award was specially commissioned by the company TM Lewin to reward sales of their shirts, suits and ties.

    The high street retailer is a familiar name to many households across the country. Offering a wonderful range of garments for men, TM Lewin has been a staple of British fashion for over a century. Looking into the brand history, message and feel of the company was a vital first step in creating the bespoke award.

    What better way to capture the company than through the mainstay of their product offerings: the shirt. We wanted to encapsulate the ruffles, the texture and the feel of a real shirt so, after much experimenting, it was decided to create a clay cast of the main body (no pun intended) and to make the award from high definition resin. High definition resin allows for an even greater level of detail to be imparted into the award and is one of the latest products that we have introduced into our arsenal of artisanal materials that we use to create the very best awards.

    Back shot cast resin Creative AwardsThe solid piece of clay was carefully formed by hand to create the beautifully detailed master pattern. In particular, we are proud of the detailing across the hands, the natural folds and creases in the shirt and the buttons and collars. The next stage in the creation of the award was to create a negative, silicone mould from the hand modelled statue. The negative mould was cast from the clay prototype before being filled with high definition, liquid resin.

    Cast resin award group shot Creative AwardsOnce the resin became cured, the award was ready to come out of the mould and come to life. To give the piece a final surface finish, we opted for metallic gold paint. The beautiful details of the award shine through the metallic gold finish allowing for the award to showcase its wonderful design. The finished piece creates a celebratory award that captures what TM Lewin is all about: Quality products, elegant design and sophisticated styling.

    Have you seen our other custom awards for some of the world’s biggest brands? We are proud to have worked with Calvin Klein, Hunkemoller and others to create awards that bring events to life. So, dust off your finest clothes, grab a glass of champagne and read about our fashion awards.

    Contact our teams today via and 0207 242 4020 to discuss any ideas (none are too big or too small) and let us make your awards and events even more spectacular.

    Extreme sports week July 18, 2017 13:30

    Welcome back to the Creative Awards blog. This week we take a totally radical look into our awesome and awe inspiring awards with the Extreme Sports Week. Grab your bandana, defer to ALL authority and join us as we look through our awards for extremely cool extreme sports.

    Extreme sports are one of the fastest growing sports movements of today. It is estimated that over 500 million globally participate in extreme sports each year. Known for their thrill seeking, adrenaline pumping and edge of your seat antics, extreme sports are participated across land, sea and sky.

    A1 Grand Prix Medals

    Racing medals Creative AwardsWe feel the need, the need for speed with the A1 medals. The A1 Grand Prix was an international set of meets across the globe that focused on racing as nation states as opposed to the more traditional team based set up of F1. Known as the World Cup of racing, the A1 Grand Prix brought together teams to compete for up a prize pot of up to $500,000 per meet. The custom made medals are made from precious metals and feature the race insignia and the classic laurel wreath motif engraved around the rim of the piece.

    O’Neill Snowboarding Award

    Snowboarding Award Creative AwardsOne of the world’s biggest extreme sports brands O’Neill is synonymous with snowboarding across the world. Started in 1962 in foggy San Francisco, O’Neill is sold in over 80 countries and champions up and coming athletes as well as established names within skating, surfing and, of course, snowboarding. The bespoke award combines the jagged, organic texture of a stone base with a smooth and futuristic metal body hand engraved with beautiful art.

    Acrylic and Aluminium Wolf Award

    Wolf Award single shot Creative AwardsBike motocross, or BMX as it is commonly known, is one of the most popular extreme sports on the planet. Speed, endurance and skill perfectly combine in a fast-paced, actio -packed sport. The bespoke award was specially commissioned for the iBMXff BMX World Championships featuring both professional and amateur contests across Park, Vert, Flatland and Dirt categories. Gnarly graphics engraved on polished metal create this cool award capturing what the sport is all about.

    Irish Surfing Awards 

    surfing award group shot Creative AwardsWax on, wax off and hit the surf with the Irish Surfing Awards. From the beaches of Santa Monica to Strandhill, surfing is a sport that’s appreciated worldwide. For more than 70 years people have enjoyed harnessing the power of the surf to enjoy and the global popularity of surfing has spawned entire cultures and music. The custom made award with its rounded body, mirroring the barrels of the much desired perfect wave, features a high resolution graphic and a custom cut metal figurine. Totally tubular.

    Climbing Awards

    Climbing Award Creative AwardsThis award rocks. Commissioned by a mountain cycling association, the bespoke acrylic award celebrates climbing with the typical Creative Awards twist. Featuring three separate tones of acrylic, the body of the award playfully resembles a hazard sign with the featured gradient.

    We hope that our awards and blog have inspired you to dig out the wetsuit and hit the surf, dust off the beanie and snowboard down a mountain or pull some sick 360 spins on your Rayleigh Chopper. With over 40 years’ experience creating awards for some of the world’s biggest brands and event our teams can help make your events even more spectacular. For all enquiries and more information we can be reached on 0207 242 4020 or via  

    Celebrating Pride 2017 July 10, 2017 18:12

    In this week’s blog we are adding a splash of colour and a dash of glamour with our Rainbow Themed Awards. To celebrate London Pride 2017, taking place the over the weekend of the 8th and 9th of July, we are showcasing all the colours of the rainbow through our beautiful awards. London Pride attracts almost over 1 million visitors making it the largest LGBT celebration in the country, live music, parades and food will line the streets of London bringing a carnivalesque atmosphere to West London. Without further ado, let’s celebrate Pride with our very own rainbow made from our bespoke awards.

    RED - Roambi Award

    The Roambi Award is created from  optically clear acrylic and is rear printed  with a high resolution red backing.  Celebrating the achievements of the  company, the corporate award is a  wonderful exercise in the power of  simplicity and branding.

    ORANGE AND YELLOW - The Coronation Street Award

    The nation’s favourite soap Coronation  Street has been on screens for over half a  century. It is estimated that each month  over 7.5 million viewers tune in to see the  escapades of the street. The bespoke  award was commissioned especially by  ITV to celebrate the 50th anniversary of  the show. Here’s to 50 more!

    GREEN - Green Aluminium Column Award

    A sleek, slender and very special shaft - the Green  Aluminium Column Award. Made from a column of  pure aluminium, the body of the custom award was  electronically dyed giving it its bright, warm green  colour. To create a marvellous two tone effect,  details were engraved onto the body of the award  allowing the beautiful silver of the metal to shine  through.

    BLUE AND INDIGO  - The Acrylic Award

    A strikingly elegant award made from a  single block of optically clear  acrylic. Capturing the sophistication and  ethos of the client's message, the award  features a high res black and white rear  print of a female figure with a bold purple  line running through. 

    VIOLET (Pink) Pink X-Award

    We haven’t produced a violet award before but a  pink award is the closest we have! The pink X-  Award is one of our latest creations and certainly  captures the imagination. A custom made body of  optically clear acrylic is backed by a beautiful, hi  res pink print. To add that touch of ceremony and  glamour, a hand cut metal 10 is applied to the front  of the award and contrasts the smooth texture of  the acrylic with the warm shapes of the metal.

    Creative Awards would like to wish all those attending London Pride 2017 the very best. We are proud to support Pride and believe that everyone should have the right to love who they want. Peace and love from the Creative Awards team!

    The Eagle has landed July 3, 2017 11:44

    Ross working on the workshop bass
    Creative Awards are proud to announce the newest addition to our team. After an incredibly successful year, thanks to all of our wonderful clients, we are delighted to expand our team to match the increase in demand for our bespoke trophies and custom awards.

    Say hello to our newest member of staff: Ross. Ross brings over 10 years' experience to the workshop having held positions in a variety of industries where he has developed his invaluable knowledge and skills.

    Ross brings a wide range of experience and skills to the Creative Awards table, allowing us to develop our product offerings, ensure that we continue to meet demand and to produce the very best in custom awards and trophies.

    We sat down with Ross, known as the Eagle due to his eagle-eyed attention to detail and love of heights, to get to know him in a quick fire Q & A. 

    Jack: Ross, great to have you on the team. Tell us a bit about yourself and how you came to work for Creative Awards. 

    Ross setting up the workshop bass

    Ross: For the last two years I have been working as a luthier in a workshop in Essex. I've always worked within design and engineering and really, when the chance to work at Creative Awards came up, I decided to go for it. I wanted to work in an environment where I would have more variety in my day to day job. Seeing the range of materials, machines and techniques that Creative Awards use I thought that I would be able to bring something new to the team and develop my skills at the same time. 

    Jack: Great, have you worked within the awards/events industry before? 

    Ross: To be honest, I haven't before. I think it's exciting to be able to produce products that get seen all over the world and go to the very best people within their industry. I am particularly looking forward to working on the Brat awards and your music awards as well.

    Jack: Perfect, well we do produce a lot of music awards and I'm sure you can offer some ideas coming from your woodworking background.

    Ross: Exactly. I like to think that I not only have the practical, hands-on skills, but I enjoy the design element to my work as well. Previously, I worked in a small workshop which had never even heard of computer aided design and 3D printing, so I'm keen to explore that further.

    Jack: That's a really good point. We always encourage everyone in the workshop to be involved with different stages of the project. Whilst we have dedicated teams working on each area, it's always good to bounce ideas off of one another and draw from different viewpoints. 

    Ross: I agree, I think that's one thing that I got from my interview with yourselves. And looking at the finest pieces, you can really tell that a lot of thought and time has gone into producing them.

    Jack: Thank you, it's true! Now, we know a bit about your professional background, what are your interests and hobbies?

    Ross: Unsurprisingly, I am really into my music. I play guitar well and trumpet atrociously. I'm currently teaching myself electronics the hard way.

    Jack: Keep at it! Maybe we could form a band one day.

    Ross: We shall see..

    So, all in all we are excited to get Ross stuck into producing some awesome awards. Have a look at Ross in his luthierian best below.





    Bringing London Businesses Together June 30, 2017 12:21

    Evening Standard business awards 2017 Bespoke award Creative Awards

    Welcome back to the Creative Awards blog. in today's blog we will focus on one of the highlights of the London event scene, The Evening Standard Business Awards. Now in its second year, the awards bring together the movers and shakers in the business world across a range of categories ranging from Media business of the year to Property company of the year.

    The awards took place at the illustrious Banqueting House in Whitehall on the 29th of June. Hosted by Kristy Wark guests enjoyed a champagne networking reception, the glamorous award ceremony itself, a keynote speech delivered by Facebook's Nicola Mendelsohn and an after-awards reception in the Undercroft bar.

    Custom metal award for the Evening Standard Business Awards Creative AwardsAcross the evening a wide range of categories (full list of nominees below), highlighting the wealth of businesses and services within the city, were on show. From household brands to global industry leading companies, the diversity of nominees and winners showcases the strength of London as a global business centre. Home to over 800,000 private sector businesses, making it the 5th largest metropolitan economy in the world, London has seen many challenges emerging within the last year, especially within the business sphere. In particular London’s businesses have had to tackle questions around their EU workforce and trade with Europe as well as massive Sterling devaluation. Looking further afield, the uncertainty of the Trump administration and its implication for US involvement within global trade is another challenge that businesses have had to navigate. 

    Fitting of the high profile and luxurious event Creative Awards were charged with creating a bespoke trophy to be presented to some of the most influential individuals and companies within London. The modernist design features the body of the award made from a single piece of stainless steel carrying the message of sleekness, modernity and simplicity. The centre of the award features a negative cut out of the Evening Standard's logo, Eros. Resting on a varnished beech base, the bespoke award carries the message of The Evening Standard and captures the feel of the awards ceremony.




    Tech start-up of the year

    • Darktrace, new cybersecurity player
    • Citymapper, public transport app
    • POD Point, electic car charging points
    • Monzo, digital-only bank

    Tech company of the year

    • ARM, trailblazing chip designs in AI
    • Micro Focus, ambitious takeovers
    • Purplebricks, changing property world
    • Snap, successful flotation despite jitters

    SME of the Year

    • Lucky Generals, cutting edge ad agency
    • Hotel Chocolat, innovative confectioner
    • Hire Space, event space shortage solver
    • Fashion Enter, ethical clothes maker

    Property company of the year

    • Berkeley Group, London resi giant
    • Land Securities, growing in tough times
    • Battersea Power Station Development, successfully developing Thames icon 
    • Grainger, much-needed rental supplier 

    Takeover of the year

    • BAT-Reynolds
    • Micro Focus-Hewlett Packard Enterprise 
    • Shanks Renewi-VG
    • Sainsbury’s-Argos

    Media business of the year

    • BT Sport, driving competition in TV 
    • Adam & Eve/DDB, ad agency supremo
    • Facebook, changing media landscape
    • Framestore, Hollywood special FX 

    Financial services company of the year

    • Virgin Money, strong, steady growth
    • First Direct, consistent customer focus
    • Metro Bank, High Street challenger
    • JP Morgan, strength in M&A landscape 

    Consumer firm of the year

    •, high-end retail 
    • Co-op Supermarkets, turnaround 
    • Morrisons, nursed back to growth
    • Just Eat, transforming restaurant trade

    Brexporter of the year

    • Asos, massive growth in International
    • Dairy Crest, push into Chinese whey
    • BBA, US acquisition for growth
    • Prudential, Brexit-proof Asian growth

    Corporate Citizen of the Year

    • Allbright, backing women in business
    • Costa Coffee, recycling on a huge scale
    • Marks & Spencer, veteran carbon cutter
    • PwC, staff community programmes

    Entrepreneur of the year

    • Aron Gelbard, Ben Stanway, Bloom & Wild 
    • Alice Bentinck, tech incubator 
    • Dumi Oburota, music manager 
    • Mike Lynch, for Invoke Capital VC outfit 

    Business of the year

    • Legal & General, daring to be different
    • Melrose, transforming businesses
    • Aviva, bold push into technology
    • Facebook, tech game-changer

    Personality of the year

    • Stephen Kelly, CEO of Sage
    • Rupert Soames, CEO of Serco
    • Alison Brittain, CEO of Whitbread
    • Jayne-Anne Gadhia, CEO of Virgin Money


    Feeling hot June 27, 2017 11:47

    Welcome back to the Creative Awards blog. In today’s entry, with temperatures dropping and normal British Summertime resuming, we hark back to the hot, sun-soaked climes of last week with our Heat Awards. So, sit back, grab your suncream and enjoy some of the hottest awards in the industry.

    Sunburst Award

    Firing up the week is the Sunburst Award. Commissioned to celebrate and reward dedication by an outstanding employee, the Sunburst Award is an internal award for a leading business. The beautiful rounded body is outlined by the halo of flames falling from the body. Resting on a custom cut acrylic block, the bespoke award is indeed rather special. To add that touch of brilliance and, like the winner, to go beyond what is expected, the body is finished in 22k yellow gold.


    Bespoke sun award Creative Awards

    Victory Flame

    Warming up day two of the Heat Awards is the magnificent Victory Flame award. The artistic piece was custom designed in-house and cut by hand to create natural organic waves of flame. Featuring a body made from copper, the award was finished in yellow gold to create a beautiful bright finish.


    Bespoke metal flame award Creative Awards

    LampLighter Award

    Fire up for the third instalment of the Heat Awards with the Lamplighter award. The custom made, mixed media award features a custom made body from polished aluminium in the shape of a traditional lamp lighter cone. Resting on top is a highly polished crystal that gracefully refracts light creating the illusion of flame and fire.


    Bespoke Aluminium Trophy Creative Awards

    ICE Award

    Sometimes, when temperatures soar it is vital to cool down. The refreshing chill of a cold beverage, a gentle breeze or an ice bucket?! Well, we have just the thing for you. The fabulous ICE Award. One of our most technically, and visually, impressive awards the story of the ICE Award is rather intriguing. After a long period of R&D, top secret techniques employed that mimicked the rough, jagged edges of a real iceberg. Bubbles were allowed to form in the body of the blue block, before the waves were created on the top of the award. All in all, a very cool piece of design.


    Bespoke acrylic ICE Award Creative Awards

    Golden Chili Award

    Feeling hot hot hot! Now, there is nothing more than what we like than some spicy food. We are huge fans of the delightful array of food vendors near the workshop where we like to tantalise and toast our tastebuds with some food with a serious kick. Commissioned by a globally renowned multinational, the chili award is cast from a real chili (no chilis were harmed during production) and finished in a wonderful golden shine. Beautiful, hot and fun. A cracking award.

    Bespoke resin chili award Creative Awards



    Destination Unknown June 19, 2017 11:10

    Bright skies across the country and a scorching London deserve a mention in the Creative Awards blog today. In today’s blog entry and this week we conjure up the sights, sounds and smells of all that is holiday and travel related. Now, many will argue that there is no finer place than London on a hot summer’s day, presumably those who hold that opinion have not had to endure the Central Line but who knows, so let’s leave London behind and head to further shores with our beautiful bespoke awards. The American novelist Mark Twain’s famous quote of travel broadening the mind is certainly befitting of today’s entry, without further ado pack your bags, grab your passport and join Creative Awards for our travel themed awards week.

    Mr and Mrs Smith

    Starting this week’s travel awards is the custom made award for the luxury travel group Mr and Mrs Smith. Collating the finest boutique hotels in the world, the Mr and Mrs Smith group have redefined travel. Our award cheekily plays with one of the quintessential pieces of travel, which is often overlooked, the do not disturb sign. Custom cut from a single piece of aluminium, the bespoke design features the iconic lettering and branding of the client.


    Travel themed awards creative awards mr and mrs smith hotels

    Saint Lucia

    Oh we do like to be beside the seaside! You may not want to join in signing this little ditty but it certainly will be in your head from now. However, would you prefer to be by the sea in Margate or the luscious, turquoise waters and golden beaches of Saint Lucia? We certainly know which we prefer. The custom made acrylic award uses the lettering of the island to create the body of the award. To add that touch of magic, we used a high res graphic of the beautiful Saint Lucian beaches. Resting on a metal base, engraved with the winner’s details and details of the event, the award captures the essence of travel and the Caribbean.

    custom made Perspex award travel awards Creative Awards

    Trip Advisor

    With over 200,000,000 reviews and opinions, a staggering 150 reviews left every minute Trip Advisor is one of the World’s most popular websites. Revolutionising the review and community orientated travel world, Trip Advisor has become a staple of the internet. The Trip Advisor awards celebrate the community and reward members for their contributions. Placing the famous Ollie the Owl logo of the company at the heart of the award, the simple yet effective design captures the brand and the spirit of travel.


    Trip Advisor bespoke awards Creative Awards

    Food and Travel

    What’s travel without enjoying the local delicacies of your destination? When we are travelling we love to savour the local dishes and enjoy the food culture of the places we visit. The Food and Travel Awards were commissioned by a leading industry magazine that celebrate the culinary delights of travel. A solid block of highly polished metal creates the body of the award with a second plate forming the outline to the ceremony in the negative space. To finish, the awards were hand engraved with the winner’s and ceremony details.


    Travel award bespoke award Creative Awards

    Our whistle stop tour of the world has now ended but our love for what we do certainly carries on. Why not speak to our teams today via or via 0207 242 4020 and discuss any ideas you have to make your awards stand out.



    Historical themed awards week June 15, 2017 16:38

    Welcome back to the Creative Awards blog. This week we shine the spotlight on our historical awards. That’s right, we pull up our sleeves and dig into the Creative Awards archives to explore our history themed awards. Working with a range of materials and designs, our historic awards are something unique. Each award tells the story of the brand and client it is commissioned by in a creative and thought provoking way. Without further ado, let’s look into some of these bespoke beauties.

    The Shell Award

    custom acrylic award with shell history themed awardCommissioned by a leading construction company the Shell Award is our venture into the world of history. Featuring a real shell, gracefully picked from a local beach and set in clear acrylic, the award communicates the idea of connection to the past whilst employing the latest technology to produce the piece. What we love about the award is the contrast between the organic, natural shell and the modern, synthetic acrylic used in the body. 


    The Archaeological Trowel Award

    custom acrylic award idea creative awardsWe dig this award hugely. The custom award uses one of the most important items in any budding archaeologist’s toolkit: the humble trowel. The trowel was made in-house using solid, Sterling silver and custom created for the award. The simple tool represents the world of archaeology and we were particular focused on the idea of using such a simple machine that has been used for eons to go into the past. Set in a clear acrylic block, the award is an effective, straightforward design that places the theme, quite literally, central to the bespoke award.


    Sutton Hoo Helmet

    Custom made award helmet awardThe world renowned Sutton Hoo helmet gets the Creative Awards treatment. Commissioned by a leading archaeological society, the bespoke piece is inspired by one of the most famous finds in the UK, if not the world. Custom cut metal forms the body of the award that is engraved with the description of the ceremony and society.


    Vitruvian Man Award

    Custom made glass box awardOne of the great designs of humanity, the Vitruvian Man by Leonardo Da Vinci is an illustration that the brings together ideas about art, architecture, human anatomy and symmetry in one distinct and commanding image. Made from a single, custom sized piece of glass engraved with the iconic Vitruvian Man, the award is finished in gold adding an extra dimension of colour and design.









    Behind the scenes June 15, 2017 16:38

    How are custom awards made? In today’s blog post we look beyond the award into the production and design processes that go into creating the UK’s most thought provoking and exceptional awards. One of our favourite awards deserves some special love and attention: the Copper Stag Award.

    Commissioned by a leading Scottish whiskey company, the Copper Stag showcases what we are all about. Designing and producing a bespoke award of excellence. To start, we liaised closely with our client to understand their vision for the award. As always, the design process is a two-way street that strives to capture the client’s vision and pair it with our own in house design ideas and experience. We felt with the Copper Stag Award that one of the most important messages to capture was the brand power within the award. Drawing directly from the famous logo, we took this as a starting point for how the award would evolve.

    Sketches were created based around the iconic logo using the latest technologies and sent to the client for their feedback and input. Once the final design was agreed we were ready to dive into the world of whiskey to produce the piece.

    We wanted to have some fun with the award and drilled down into the brand itself and the details associated with the product that they specialise in. Whilst we could have popped to our local pub to investigate the world of whiskey, we, on second thought, realised that looking into the production around whiskey would help create the spectacular piece more than savouring the delights of the drink itself.

    Two elements became clear within whiskey production. Firstly, the production process and the distilling of whiskey. The natural splendour and deep tones of the principal metal used, copper, was something that we wanted to capture in the award. Paired with the logo, a splendid copper stag silhouette was created and cut from pure copper..


    Now, what sets apart a good whiskey from a great one? The aging process. Set in oak barrels, the aging process is an important element in allowing the flavour profile to develop and to impart the distinctive taste and flavour in the drink. We felt that such a vital piece needed to be shown in the award. We sourced oak barrels that were used in the aging process directly from the client to create a base for the award. The rich, deep tones of the oak combined with the distinct sweet aroma of the whiskey-seeped wood created the perfect accompaniment to the copper logo.


    Finally, the production of the award itself. Taking place over the course of three weeks, our craftsman meticulously created the award, assembling each element by hand to create a stand-out award. Barrels were measured, cut and laminated, the copper was treated and profiled to create each of the elements within the award. The result? A beautiful, custom made award that captures the essence, history and the legacy of the brand.



    View more of our custom made awards and get i contact with our teams via or via 020 7242 4020




    Fashion Awards May 3, 2017 12:42

    Creative Awards are a trendy bunch. While we don't ride the waves of fashion at all times, we appreciate good design and fine materials. In this week's blog we will cover some of the custom awards we have produced for some of the biggest fashion companies in the world. 

    Think of underwear and think of, well... probably many things but one of the undisputed leaders in the world of fashion and in particular underwear is certainly Calvin Klein. The iconic American brand turned everyday wear into something special. What better way to celebrate the company than by cutting up both their world renowned underwear and jeans. Fusing two of their most famous products together, the custom made award features the iconic waistband of the underwear and the back jean pocket. Encapsulated in acrylic, this custom award blends organic textures with the hard, angular acrylic body. 

    Home to international fashion houses, luxury jewellery, art galleries and more, London's Regent Street is undoubtedly one of the world's shopping meccas. From Louis Vuitton to Chanel, Regent Street brings together the very best designers in the world. Commissioned to celebrate this iconic district, the Best Dressed Award was part of a competition to recognise excellence in window dressing within the area. The sleek acrylic award features images of food, drink and clothing that celebrate Regent Street through an exciting an eye-catching design. 

    Hunkemöller, the world famous German lingerie brand, is responsible for producing some of the finest garments in the world. Known for using exceptional materials coupled with elegant, timeless and sensual design, Hunkemöller are one of the most popular lingerie brands on the planet. The bespoke award features a delicate pink bow that contrasts with the black body of the award and an elegant pinstripe effect. To finish the award, the company's logo and award details are overlaid in white adding a beautiful range of tone and depth to the piece. 

    How could we round up our fashion awards week without one of the most iconic pieces of clothing in the world. Freed from the constraints of the north, the flat cap has become a staple of many a hipster wardrobe from London to Leipzig. The Cap Award takes a simple concept and executes it perfectly. A tweed flat cap set into a clear acrylic box. 

    For more information and to speak to one of our experts, contact Creative Awards today via or  on 0207 242 4020. 


    Mark Noble 400 appearences April 26, 2017 17:15

    Trevor Brooking presents Mark Noble with an award for his 400th appearance for West Ham FCIn today's blog we offer an exclusive behind-the-scenes insight into one of our latest high profiles awards: a special commission by Premier League football club West Ham United. The Creative Awards team are proud to have worked in close collaboration with the esteemed club to celebrate the 400 appearances made by club captain, all-round legend and thoroughly lovely chap Mark Noble.

    Becoming only the 19th player in West Ham history to reach the fabled '400 club', Mark's achievement was celebrated by both club and fans at the recent home game against Everton. Presented by club legend Sir Trevor Brooking, Mark received his bespoke award in front of a packed home crowd at the world famous London Stadium.

    Mark has been with the club for the entirety of his career and joined the West Ham academy as a 13-year-old. Born in Canning Town, the local lad and supporter emerged from the ranks of the academy and, in 2003, became the youngest ever West Ham player to appear in the reserve team at the age of 15. Two years later "Nobes" would go on to make his Hammers debut in August 2004. Mark has enjoyed the highs of two play-off promotions, endured a heartbreaking relegation, and has come out the other side as captain and a living legend of the club. Mark truly is Mr West Ham. 

    Mark made his debut for the senior squad as a second-half substitute in the Hammers 2-0, Third Round League Cup, victory against Southend United on 24 August 2004. Mark's league debut came later that season, aged just 17, against Wolverhampton Wanderers. He would also come on as a second half substitute in West Ham’s 1-0 Play-off Final victory over Preston in May 2005.

    Known for his all round ability as a defensive midfielder and tenacious attitude, Mark has won accolades from many within the game. A highly flexible player, Noble is known for his passing ability, leadership and love of getting stuck in.  

    In a recent interview with ex-team mate Jack Collinson Mark remarked: "You don't ever get time to look back at the past because you're always under pressure to win the next game.

    "So to look back at the memories I've had as a West Ham player, especially having been brought up around the corner and been to games as a fan, then to captain the last-ever game at the Boleyn and the first-ever game at the new stadium is something that doesn't happen to a lot of people, and I was lucky enough to be one of them."

    The custom made trophy is a minimalist design created from black and clear glass. The finished body is ingrained with gold, drawing attention to both Mark and the club. The choice of gold adding that extra touch of celebration to the award. 




    Golden coin stolen in Berlin April 26, 2017 12:29

    This week's blog entry sees one of the materials used in some of our custom awards making headlines across the globe. A Canadian gold coin nicknamed Big Maple Leaf was stolen from Berlin’s Bode Museum on the 27th of March and has left police and the world baffled. This is no ordinary coin and certainly not one that could be lost behind the back of a sofa. 

    For centuries gold has been coveted for both its metallurgical and aesthetic properties. It is estimated that there are 155,244 tonnes of gold in the world. To put that in context, Warren Buffet visualised a cube of around 20 metres that would contain all of this prized metal. 

    For over 6,000 years gold has been mined by mankind. The first gold coins were minted in about 550 BC under King Croesus of Lydia - a province in modern-day Turkey - and quickly became accepted payment for merchants and mercenary soldiers around the Mediterranean.

    Up until 1492, the year Columbus sailed to America it has been estimated that 12,780 tonnes had been extracted.

    Back to Berlin. The Big Maple Leaf is an astounding coin. Made from pure gold and weighing around 100kg, it has a face value of C$1m (£590,000) and is estimated to be worth as much as £3.58 million.  What does this kind of money get you? You could pay West Ham Striker Andy Carroll's reported wage of £70,000 per week for almost a year. You could purchase three Bugatti Veyrons or simply rent a one bedroom flat in London. 

    Minted in 2007 the coin (one of six) measures 3 centimetres thick and 53 centimetres in diameter and has a purity of 99.999%. Why was such a coin made? Well, according to the Royal Canadian Mint the coin was produced simply "because we can". Can't argue with that. 

    What makes this behemoth unique is not only its record purity (it features in the Guinness Book of Records) but the unusual portrait of the Queen. The Queen, as depicted by Sussana Blunt, appears without a crown or tiara which is exceptionally rare as there is only one other coin produced by the Royal Canadian Mint that depicts the Queen in a similar fashion. 

    The Bode Museum is famous for its collection of coins and has one of the world’s largest coin collections, with more than 540,000 items. Police are unsure as to the method of entry to the museum but it is thought that the thieves used a ladder and entered from the back near a railway track. 







    Feast your eyes on the Food and Drink Awards April 5, 2017 08:58

    Welcome back to the Creative Awards blog. In this week's blog post we are serving up a treat with our Food and Drink themed awards. Franz Kafka famously quipped: "So long as you have food in your mouth you have solved all questions for the time being," and this week's featured awards all evoke the comforting joy that a good meal and an equally good swig of something give you. 

    Bespoke food and drink award for Fortnum and MasonStarting Food and Drink week is a bespoke award commissioned by the World famous Fortnum and Mason. Opened in 1707, Fortnum and Mason has become a British institution, famous for it's lavish selection of the finest quality goods the Piccadilly based store is known the world over.  Now in their fifth year, the annual Fortnum & Mason Food and Drink Awards celebrate the very best writers, publishers, presenters, image makers and personalities working in food and drink today. Lucky winners receive one of our custom made trophies, an iconic Fortnum & Mason hamper and a bottle of Fortnum & Mason Vintage Champagne. Bottoms up! This custom acrylic award uses a beautiful custom base with metal detail. Super!

    Bespoke chili trophy custom food and drink awardA spicy addition to any award's ceremony is served up with our second course: The Chilli Award. Cast from a real chilli (no chillies were harmed during production) and sculpted in clay, the award captures the natural splendour and organic shape of a chilli. The custom resin award is finished in luscious gold and mounted on a hand-cut black base. commissioned by a famous food producer, the Golden Chilli Award is a one of our hottest awards.

    Custom food and drink themed award for Time Out MagazineForget seconds, its time for thirds. Our third entrée into Our Food Awards week is a special custom made award for The Time Out Food and Drink Awards. Celebrating and rewarding bars, restaurants, chefs and suppliers the awards capture the passion and pursuit of excellence behind creating some of the best food and drink experiences. The award features a semi-circle plate complete with a knife and fork and uses a minimalist aesthetic to create a modern award. 

    The British Sausage Awards 2017 custom awardThis award is a bit of a banger. Now in its 19th year the The British Sausage Awards celebrate all that is good with the old British Banger. Receiving over 700 submissions the event features categories such as: The Traditional Pork Sausage, The Best British Butchers Sausage 2016 and The Innovative Pork Sausage. Entries included a chip shop curry sauce flavoured sausage, a maple and blueberry sausage and the more traditional black pudding and bacon sausage. The bespoke award is a lighthearted award created from cast resin allowing for a highly detailed sausage figurine to be created. 

    Time Out restaurant of the year awardHow to round off this fine feast of awards? With the coveted Time Our Restaurant of the Year Award of course. Celebrating the very best in food, drink and service the highly prized award has been won by some of the most prestigious chefs and restaurants in the world. The award features a rustic aluminium body with a reverse fork space in the middle. 

    We hope you are sufficiently sated from our Food & Drink themed awards and Creative Awards would like to thank each brand & company that feature in this week's work. Contact our teams today on 020 7242 4020 via let us help you create an incredible, unique and on brand award for your event. 

    A week at the Royal Albert Hall with the Teenage Cancer Trust March 30, 2017 13:49

    Custom commission from Teenage Cancer Trust, designed by Jamie Hewlett and made by Creative AwardsThis week the spotlight is firmly, and quite rightly, cast on the wonderful people of Teenage Cancer Trust. Throughout this week some of the biggest artists in the world are descending on the most prestigious of venues, The Royal Albert Hall, to raise funds and awareness of teenage cancer. Now in its 17th year, the annual concert has raised over £19 million though ticket sales, donations and merchandise.

    Founded in 1990, Teenage Cancer Trust's aim is to improve the lives of young people aged 13-24 who have been diagnosed with cancer. Since 1990 the charity has regularly raised huge sums of money that have gone to assist those who need it most. As well as providing specialist teenage units in NHS Hospitals, the charity also trains and funds staff who are teenage cancer specialists. The units are dedicated areas for teenage and young adult patients, who are involved in their concept and creation. Medical facilities on the units are equipped with computers, TVs and game consoles. As of 2017, the TCT has built 28 specialised units in cities such as London, Liverpool, Leeds, Sheffield, Manchester, Glasgow and many more.

    If those impressive achievements were not enough, the TCT also serves as an advocate for teenage cancer needs, encouraging research and hosting both national and international forums.

    Now reaching their 100th show at the Royal Albert Hall, the charity has Sir Roger Daltrey of The Who as their patron. One of the highlights of the musical calendar, the event witnesses some of the biggest musicians, comedians and celebrities convene upon the venue and participate as ambassadors.

    This year sees an incredible range of talent with The Who, Pet Shop Boys, Olly Murs, Paul Weller, Ed Sheeran, Johnny Marr and the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra performing. As well as these musical gods there will also be performances from comedians Romash Ranganathan, Jo Brand and Kevin Bridges.

    Throughout the whole week, each evening sees one of the stars joined by special guests for the gig.

    Creative Awards are proud and honoured to work with the Teenage Cancer Trust and to help to make the night both special for all those involved and to assist in building a legacy that will help young people in the future. This year's award was designed by none other than Jamie Hewlett of Gorillaz and Tank Girl fame. The custom made awards feature a character in Hewlett's inimitable style made from resin and finished in gold holding a silver guitar.

    This week promises to be full of exciting and magical moments that will touch the lives of many. What is important to remember is that when the lights go out on the Royal Albert Hall stage for the last time this week the momentum created from the shows must be maintained. For more information and to help improve the lives of many please visit Teenage Cancer Trust and give generously.


    Update March 2018: Read our latest blog on the Teenage Cancer Trust awards 2018

    How Our Awards Are Made March 29, 2017 10:40

    Welcome back to the Creative Awards blog. In this week’s blog entry we will delve into a behind the scenes look at how bespoke awards are made and the process behind creating the most exceptional awards for some of the UK’s biggest events and brands. Without further ado, let’s get started.

    The particular award that we are using to highlight how our custom awards are made is the Lemon Tree Award. The bespoke award was designed for a professional event that celebrated excellence and the achievements of its employees.

    The first stage in creating an award starts by consulting with the client to understand the purpose of the award and a brief is created. Occasionally a client will provide a finalised design that can be used to create the award but most of the time our in-house design teams let their imagination loose and create the spectacular. Each award is a blank canvas ready to be transformed into a one-of-a-kind custom piece. A brief is created where the branding, purpose of the award, budget and timeframe is agreed as well as a range of materials and techniques suggested. Drawing inspiration from each client’s vision, brand and initial ideas the design process is organic with a two way conversation. Various sketches are hand drawn and detailed 3D mock-ups are created using the latest technology and are sent to the client. Once the piece is chosen and finalised, production can immediately begin on the award.

    Depending on the award various production techniques are employed. Different materials suit different types of awards and particular textures can be created by contrasting various materials. For example, if a client is looking for an award with an organic natural feel we suggest using resin that lends itself to capturing organic details. Likewise, Perspex acrylic allows for a range of colours, logos and shapes that really allow the award to be customised exactly to the client’s vision.

    The quantity, material and design of the award dictate the timeframe in delivering the pieces to the client. Usually, the process of production takes around three weeks. From our central London base we control every stage of manufacture ensuring the highest level of quality and standards and that each team is working to the right spec. In addition to providing a central location in the City of London, we also operate our engraving department from here, so we can process engraving work with the absolute minimum of delay

    Once the awards are completed they undergo stringent quality control. By keeping every part of the design, manufacture and quality control in house we can ensure the awards arrive with love and care - exactly how they were produced.

    Finally, the awards are polished and packaged securely to ensure that they arrive in perfect condition. Shipping for awards is organised immediately and the awards arrive within an agreed timeframe so that the show can go on.